Report on China Logistics Industry — Investability Analysis of Logistics Sub-sectors

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In the context of decelerating online traffic, most of the opportunities in to-C services have been explored, investing themes surrounding efficiency improving on 2B end are gaining attention. Logistics industry is massive and growing, with dozens of sub-sectors all following different growth paths. This report builds on iResearch team’s know-how in logistics industry and experience in serving institutional investors, to help investors identify good investment opportunities while offering in-depth analysis on investable sub-sectors and typical players. The report starts with an overview of logistics industry in China, including background and twelve notable trends that are shaping or changing the industry. Following the overview, we assess the 24 major sub-sectors in the industry by adopting six-dimension evaluation methodology. Eight sub-sectors that are deemed to be worth investing are then analyzed in depth to give prospective investors a full picture of the sub-sector. We take a closer look at seven typical start-ups in the logistics industry in the last part of the report for investors to better understand their business models and scales.More analysis can be seen in the full report with 62 pages.


Table of Contents of The Full Report

1. Overview of Logistics Industry (Page 1-16)
1.1 Industry Background (Page 2-7)
1.2 Logistics Initiatives of Leading eCommerce/Logistics Players (Page 8-12)
1.2.1 JD Logistics (Page 9)
1.2.2 Cainiao Network (Page 10)
1.2.3 PDD Supply Chain Services (Page 11)
1.2.4 SF Holding (Page 12)
1.3 Major Industry Trends (Page 13-16)

2. Evaluation of Logistics Sub-sectors and Sub-sector Deepdive (Page 17-49)
2.1 Sub-sector Evaluation (Page 17-24)
2.2 Sub-sector Deepdive (Page 25-49)
2.2.1 Freight Matching (Page 26-28)
2.2.2 LTL (Page 29-31)
2.2.3 Intra-city Logistics (Page 32-34)
2.2.4 Express Service (Page 35-37)
2.2.5 Cold Chain Logistics (Page 38-40)
2.2.6 One-stop B2C Warehouse and Distribution Services (Page 41-43)
2.2.7 Maintenance Repair & Operating (MRO) B2B Distribution Service (Page 44-46)
2.2.8 Warehouse Robotics (Page 47-49)

3. Analysis on Typical Logistics Startups (Page 50-57)
3.1 G7 - Logistics SaaS and IoT (Page 51)
3.2 Jiuye - Cold Chain Logistics (Page 52)
3.3 Full Truck Alliance Group (aka Manbang) - Freight Matching (Page 53)
3.4 ALOG Technology - Supply Chain Management (Page 54)
3.5 ZKH - MRO (Page 55)
3.6 Geek+ - Warehouse Robotics (Page 56)
3.7 Lalamove - Intra-city Logistics (Page 57)

4. Appendices on Logistics Policies (Page 58-62)
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