2019 China Art Training Industry Report

Source:iResearchDecember 26,20194:05 PM Overview “2019 China Art Training Industry Report” targets the entire art training industry. In this report, the industry is divided into four tracks, which are children's art training, college entrance examination art training, art design vocational training and online art training.  The report analyzes and estimates the market size of each track, and predicts the future development trends of the industry.


Table of Contents of The Full Report

1 Overview of The Development of the Art Training Industry
1.1 Concept: Art Major & Art Training Industry
1.2 Driving Forces of Development: Further Study, Employment, and Institutional Factors Promote the Development of the Industry
1.3 Development Path: The Waves of Vocational Art Training, Art Exam, Children’s Art and Online Art
1.4 Market Size Reaches 90 Billion -105 Billion Yuan in 2019, of Which Children’s and Teenage Art Training Accounts for Over 80%
2 Art Training Market Segments
2.1 Market Segment 1- Children’s and Teenage Art Training Market
2.2 Market Segment 2- Adults’ Art Training Market
2.3 Market Segment 3- Online Art Training Market
3 Case Study of Art Training Companies
3.1 Meishubao is the Largest Online Art Training Agency and it Focuses on One-on-One Teaching of Children's Art
3.2 Hualala is an Explorer of Small Online Art Classes
3.3 Xiajiaer Expands its Businesses With Capital Support
3.4 YMM Art Education Group is A Representative in The High-end Offline Market of Children's Art
3.5 Laoying Education is The First Listed Art Studio
3.6 HXSD is a Representative of Vocational Art Training Agencies
4 Insights of Online Children's Art Training Users
4.1 Survey Description
4.2 User Profile in This Survey
4.3 Insights for Online Children's Art Education Users
5 Future Trends of Art Training Industry
5.1 Continuous Capital Injection Accelerates Evolution of the Industry
5.2 Business Service Emerges and Industrial Division Becomes Refined
5.3 Businesses Are Expanding Horizontally; Large Institutions Are Expected to Emerge
5.4 With Internet and Technologies, the Industry is Facing Changes
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