2019 China's FMCG B2B Market Investment Report

Source:iResearchJanuary 01,20208:06 AM Overview FMCG B2B has entered the stage of rational development, the number of new platforms keeps decreasing and the industry shows obvious head effect. On the one hand, Huixiadan, DS365, YT, Bangxiaodian and Jinhuobao all have difficulty in fund flow, are forced to transform or even stop operation. On the other hand, Tencent, Alibaba, JD and other giants are entering the market and the top enterprises like Huimin.cn and Yijiupi still get plenty of funds and resources. 


Table of Contents of The Full Report

1.Why This Topic and Market Analysis
1.1 Why This Topic
1.2 Major Financing Events in FMCG B2B Sector Since 2018
1.3 Business Model of FMCG B2B E-commerce Platform: Self-run vs. Matchmaking

2.Advantages of FMCG B2B E-commerce and Channel Development in Lower-tier Cities
2.1 GMV: China’s FMCG B2B has a broad market prospects and the GMV is expected to reach 391.6 billion Yuan in 2020
2.2 FMCG B2B E-commerce VS Traditional Suppliers: The Former Conforms to the Trend of Digital Development
2.3 Good News: Industrial Internet Accelerates and Deepens the Development of FMCG B2B Industrial Chain
2.4 Trend of Integration: Fierce Supply Chain Competition of B2B Enterprises, and Coexistence With Traditional Channel

3.Future Development Trends and Tracks of FMCG B2B
3.1 Channel Development: 3r- and Lower-tier Cities and The Rural Areas Have Become The Blue Ocean For FMCG
3.2 Investment Advice For Different Types of Investors

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