2019 China's Fintech Industry Report

Source:iResearchJanuary 15,20202:54 PM Overview In China, the integration of finance and technology also promotes the integration of financial enterprises and technology enterprises. In 2018, the various financial institutions have invested as much as 229.73 billion Yuan in technologies, of which 67.52 billion Yuan or 29.4% is invested in big data, AI, cloud computing and other leading technologies. More analysis can be seen in the full report with 65 pages.

Table of Contents of The Full Report

Concept Definition & Research Scope
1 Development of China’s Fintech Industry
1.1 Finance and Technology Coexist and Grow Together
1.2 Corner Overtaking of China’s Fintech Industry
1.3 Beginning of Integration
1.4 Fintech Industry Map
1.5 Size and Structure of Investment of Financial Institutions in Technology
1.6 Overall Development Planning of Fintech

2 Application Analysis by sector

2.1 Securities
2.1.1 Securities + Fintech Model and Application
2.1.2 Securities: Investment in Technology
2.2 Fund
2.2.1 Fund + Fintech Model and Application
2.2.2 Fund: Investment in Technology
2.3 Insurance
2.3.1 Insurance + Fintech Model and Application
2.3.2 Insurance: Investment in Technology
2.4 Bank Financing
2.4.1 bank financing + Fintech Solution and Application
2.4.2 bank financing: Investment in Technology

2.5 Supply Chain Finance
2.5.1 Supply Chain Finance + Fintech Model and Application
2.5.2 Supply Chain Finance: Investment in Technology
2.5.3 Value 1: Growth of Market Size of Supply Chain Finance
2.5.4 Value 2: Growth of Profit of Supply Chain Finance
2.6 Consumer Finance
2.6.1 Consumer Finance + Fintech Model and Application
2.6.2 Consumer Finance: Investment in Technology

2.7 Payment
2.7.1 Payment + Fintech Model and Application
2.7.2 Payment: Investment in Technology

3 Case Study of Typical Enterprises
3.1 Fintech Solution Providers
3.1.1 Ant Financial 3.1.2 Tianmian
3.1.3 Suning Finance? 3.1.4 Lakala Finance?
3.1.5 VBill?
3.1.6 99Bill?
3.1.7 Baofu
3.1.8 PPdai
3.1.9 Geerong
3.2 Finance AI Service Providers
3.2.1 CloudWalk

4 Insights Into The Trends of China’s Fintech Industry
4.1 Trends of Fintech Application
4.2 Replacement of Manpower With Fintech
4.3 Value of Finance RPA
4.4 Future of Finance

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