2019 5G Application Scenario Report

Source:iResearchJanuary 29,20208:06 AM Overview The development of the mobile Internet and the Internet of Things lead to 5G communication technologies. 5G is very different from the previous generations of mobile communication technologies in the aspects of standard, performance, network architecture, user groups, and the development speed of the industry chain.The full report has 35 pages.

Table of Contents of The Full Report


1 Overview: What Makes 5G Unique?
1.1 5G Development Background
1.2 What Makes 5G Unique – Technical Standard
1.3 What Makes 5G Unique – Performance Indicators
1.4 What Makes 5G Unique – Network Structure
1.5 What Makes 5G Unique – User Group
1.6 What Makes 5G Unique – Maturity of Terminal Devices

2 Network: Deployment of 5G Network
2.1 Methods of 5G Network
2.2 Methods of NSA network: Taking Option3 as an Example
2.3 Methods of SA network: Taking Option2 as an Example
2.4 Performance of NSA and SA Networks
2.5 Development Speed of NSA and SA Networks
2.6 5G network deployment in China

3 Application: What Are Applications of 5G?
3.1 ITU Defines Three Main 5G Application Scenarios
3.2 Carrier of 5G Applications - 5G Mobile Phones
3.3 Ultra HD video—4K/8K Videos
3.4 Consumer level application—5G+Ultra HD Mobile Video
3.5 Consumer level application—5G+VR application scenarios
3.6 Industry-level Application —5G+ Industry Drone Application
3.7 Industry-level Application —5G+ Smart Port
3.8 Industry-level Application —5G+ Smart Grid
3.9 Industry-level Application —5G+ Telemedicine
3.10 Industry-level Application —5G+ Internet of Vehicles

4 Outlook: How Will 5G Develop?
4.1 5G Technology Relevance
4.2 Advices for Industry Users and Investors
4.3 5G Promote Industrial Transformation and Upgrading
4.4 Recommendations for 5G Development at This Stage

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