2020 Supply Chain of Fresh Agricultural Products in China

Source:iResearchMay 09,20202:50 PM Overview

Supply of Fresh Agricultural Products

The huge production system provides sufficient supply of fresh food.

According to the data of the third national agricultural census, China has over 310 million people involved in agricultural production and management personnel, 2.04 million agricultural management units, and over 1.3 billion thousand hectares of arable land. The supply of fresh agricultural products is sufficient because of the huge and complete production system. In recent years, with the accelerating of global trade, the agricultural operations also have a global trend, which has improved the supply capacity of domestic products.


Structural excessive supply turns the fresh agricultural product market to a buyer's market. The market needs a better supply chain operating system. According to the State Council’s food consumption standards in 2020, the total demand for fresh food is 420 million tons. In 2018, the annual output of fresh agricultural products in China exceeded 1.11 billion tons, which means the market entered a period of structural oversupply and began to turn into a buyer's market which centers around consumers. All supply chain links need to recalibrate centering around the final consumers. The value of supply chain quality is further amplified.

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