2020 Shareable Charger Industry Report

Source:iResearchMay 14,20202:39 PM Overview Market Scale and Growth Rate of the Shareable Charger Industry

The industry is still in the early mature period, and it is in the crucial period of rapid growth

In 2019, the transaction scale of shareable charger leasing business in China was as high as 7.91 billion by, with a growth rate of 141.3%. The industry’s scenario layout of the first and second-tier markets is improving and the markets in the third and fourth-tier cities are developing. Compared with the early period, the market growth rate will decline because of the existing scale, the consumption level of the third and fourth-tier cities, and the long market education period. The industry will maintain a high-speed growth trend in the next few years except in 2020 when the economy is affected by the epidemic.

The industry is maturing, and the business model has been tested by the market. The first- and second-tier high-yield areas are covered, the user habits are formed and profitability is achieved. But at the same time, the development of markets in lower-tier cities is still in the early stages. There are still a large number of user dividends to be tapped. The uncertainty of innovative businesses and competitive landscape has also brought many opportunities and challenges. The industry is in the early stage of maturity and there is still room for growth.


Market demand and internal factors drive the rapid development of the industry.
Emergency charging is a rigid demand with high trigger conditions. The huge user scale, the gradually increasing service scope and the formed user habits brought huge market space. Meanwhile, the supply gap between the growth of users' power demand and the improvement of battery also contributes to the expansion of the market.
The relatively stable cash flow and the advantage of being the entrance of two traffic channels help the industry to find new growth points.
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