2020 China’s eSports Industry Report

Source:iResearchMay 25,20204:17 PM Overview

China's eSports Market Revenue

The overall market revenue exceeded 100 billion yuan in 2019

The growth of China's eSports market in 2019 is mainly because of the fast expansion of eSports ecological market revenue. Although COVID-19 has impacted the eSports industry, especially the offline area, in 2020, but thanks to the stable development of the eSports game market and revenue growth of game live streaming platforms, the eSports market revenue will maintain stable growth.


Market: The revenue of the eSports market exceeded 100 billion yuan in 2019 and it is expected to exceed 160 billion yuan in 2021. In the future, the commercial development of eSports will further contribute to the growth of the overall eSports market.
Business:The industry pays huge attention to the tournament copyright of the head eSports games. The three-year copyright of the Global Finals of League of Legends in China is sold for 800 yuan. As the influence of eSports tournaments keeps rising, the competition for copyright will become increasingly fiercer.

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