2020 China’s Online Audio Sector Report

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Online Audio Market Revenue

The market revenue reached 17.58 billion yuan in 2019

In 2019, the market revenue of China's online audio industry was 17.58 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 55.1%.

With the continuous development of the audio business, more and more head programs and high-quality content have been created, and the types of content have become increasingly rich, resulting in a large increase in the revenue from users' payment. The presentation models and interactive methods of audio content have been increasing, too. The optimized development of the audio live streaming model contributes to the combination of the audio industry and the business model of users' tips. The development of the full scenario ecology provides more imagine space for the whole online audio industry, which will promote further growth of the online audio market revenue.


Online audio platforms mainly provide online audio content and related services. Single paid knowledge platforms such as iGet and Youshu Gongdu mainly rely on audio media to integrated services of paid knowledge. Audio is only one of the content carriers and display forms. To separate it from the paid knowledge industry, it is not in the category of online audio platforms defined in this report.
Due to the variety of audio content and forms, after years of development, audio platforms and services need to decide their market positioning and development direction in the fierce market competition, thereby promoting the development of audio platforms from homogenization to differentiation.
According to the audio content and business development directions, domestic audio platforms can be divided into two main types.

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