2020 Strategies of New Media Marketing in China

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New Media Marketing Environment in China

Advertiser in Various Industries Actively Carry Out New Media Marketing Activities

New media marketing has become the main form for advertisers to realize diverse promotion

With the consumers' diversified habit of using media and the increasing trend of fragmented user attention, the user reaching and conversion effects of hard ads with direct and obvious goals become weaker and weaker. New media marketing activities that rely on KOLs with a huge influence on fans, high-quality marketing content design and media platforms that suit consumer's daily usage habits are increasingly favored by advertisers in various industries. Since 2019, advertisers in cosmetics, IT/3C, movie and TV series and other industries have strengthened the adoption and layout of the new media marketing models. The demands, such as enhancing brand awareness, driving product sales and promoting differentiated features of brands, are all met by new media marketing forms. iResearch believes new media marketing will remain the preferred marketing model for advertisers to achieve various marketing needs.


In 2020, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the consumers pay more attention and time to online shopping. Based on this, the advertisers allocate more marketing budget and investment to online channels. New media marketing, which has more diverse content and marketing methods and more advantages, has a prominent ability to attract more users and their attention. The development trends of new media marketing players such as marketing service providers, new media platforms, MCN agencies, and KOLs are impressive, jointly providing a good environment for the development of the new media marketing industry.
1)New media marketing service providers: Joint operation of the upstream and downstream of the industry chain. The simultaneous strengthening of its own functions and external empowerment capabilities reflects high service value.
2)new media platforms: Promote industry development through standardization of business and expansion of marketing methods.
3)MCN institutions: Continuously increasing number and start of the mature stage
4)KOL: Their ability to guide consumption has enhanced, and they attract more market attention.

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