2020 Dining Out Habits of Chinese Post-95s

Source:iResearchSeptember 15,20205:35 PM Overview Opportunities for Catering Companies Targeting the Post-95s

The money spent on food and drinks by post-95s is low when they are students and surges after they start working

The post-95s students' ability to pay is weak, and their expenditure on food and drinks is relatively low. With the improvement of economic capacity, the food and drinks consumption ability of post-95 office workers has risen rapidly, and their potential consumption intention is stimulated. After graduation, the consumption demand of post-95s students will surge. Therefore, carrying out brand guidance when they are still students is an effective way to cultivate potential users. In dining scenarios such as Chinese fast food, tea shops, and bakeries, the per capita payment level of post-95 office workers is higher than that of Pre-95s.


Opportunities for Catering Companies Targeting the Post-95s
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