2020 China’s Internet + Healthcare Industry Report

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View of iResearch: The Internet + Healthcare Industry is greatly affected by policies. In 2017, without stable policies, Internet + Healthcare gradually entered the rational period. The focus of investment in Internet + Healthcare changed from concept to high value.  The core manifestation of this value lies in high-quality medical resources. and the core of high-quality medical resources is excellent doctor and nurse resources that can match the Internet environment. At present, the cultivation and tapping of these high-quality medical resources are still insufficient.

View of iResearch: The advantages of Internet + Healthcare, such as reducing time costs, personalized customization, and information transparency are highlighted because of the pandemic. Internet + Healthcare played an important role during the outbreak when gathering and contact are inconvenient. At the same time, it also brings new ideas to the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and value-based healthcare. By balancing the interests of all parties with the help of the Internet platforms and stimulating the internal vitality of medical care under the premise of giving full play to the advantages of Internet + Healthcare,  a new smart community medical system will be built.

Definition of Internet + Healthcare

Keywords of Internet + healthcare in broad sense: medical behavior, precision medicine, health management

In a narrow sense, medical behavior only refers to the diagnosis and treatment activities performed by qualified physicians, pharmacists, and nurses. In a broad sense, medical behavior generally refers to all behaviors aimed at disease prevention and treatment.

In this report, Internet + Healthcare is defined as a medical behavior in a broad sense, that is, all medical behaviors performed via Internet platforms. The subjects of this behavior include Internet companies, hospitals, insurance companies, doctors, patients, and other users with medical and health management needs, etc. The goal is to enhance health services and information transparency through accurately reaching patient groups and obtaining comprehensive health information via the Internet to realize precision medicine.

Factors Affecting the Integration of Internet + Healthcare in China

Physical hospitals are the carrier of industry integration, realizing the integration and sharing of regional medical services

Internet hospitals are at the center of the closed-loop of Internet + Healthcare. Due to regulatory requirements, Internet hospital is not a stand-alone entity. It must rely on physical hospitals to achieve complementary advantages and resource sharing. Therefore, physical hospitals have become the basis for Internet hospitals and can change the focus of medical care from the diseases to the health of people, realizing the intra-region integration and sharing of medical resources.


iResearch's estimate: In 2019, the online medical market size will be 27.17 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate of 42.6%. The Size of the Internet Health Insurance Market was about 11.76 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 47.7%. Since 2018, it has been higher than the Size of the pharmaceutical e-commerce Market used to account for the highest proportion.iResearch user survey: More than 95% of users are satisfied with Internet + Healthcare products, and more than 80% of users are interested in using or purchasing Internet + Healthcare products in the future. As to the application scenarios of Internet + Healthcare, more than 1/3 of users think that the Internet + Healthcare is not suitable for some serious diseases. It is useful for minor illnesses, chronic diseases, or monitoring and rehabilitation after being sick. During the pandemic, users' consumption habits have changed significantly. They become more relied on Internet + Healthcare products. The demand of users who have to stay at home for exercise rehabilitation, diet matching, and home monitoring has significantly increased.

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