2020 China’s Digital Reading Product Marketing Report

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The marketing value of digital reading users is high since they have strong spending power in the fields of automobiles, 3C digital, FMCG, daily chemicals, luxury goods, and e-commerce.

74% of users can accept advertisements and prefer forms that do not affect the reading experience. Advertisements can deepen readers' intuitive impression of the brand.

Users prefer marketing activities that combine digital reading combined with festivals and popular film or TV IPs. Users who prefer festival marketing and IP marketing account for 36.5% and 34.8%, respectively.

The linkage of internal and external resources of the digital reading platforms provides marketing services with more reading characteristics.

Internal: Use internal resources of the products in multiple dimensions to create a high-fit and immersive marketing experience.

External: Make full use of the external resources of the industry to establish a digital reading marketing ecology.

Development History of China's Digital Reading Industry

After digital reform, digital reading industry welcomes intelligent development

The digital reading industry represented by literary novels has formed a set of mature business models in its digital reform process. From the free serialization model to the stable payment model, the content and themes have changed from single to diverse, and to the integration of online literature and traditional literature; At the same time, works with realistic themes are increasing. With the development of technology, the digital reading platforms become more intelligent, the user experience is more convenient, and the content recommendation is more personalized.

Market Size of the Digital Reading Industry in China

The steadily increasing market size highlights the high media value of the digital reading platforms

In 2019, China's digital reading market size was 28.88 billion yuan, of which mass reading was 27.53 billion yuan, with a steady increase in scale and a slowdown in growth. iResearch believes that the development of digital reading is benefited from users' payment willingness caused by excellent literature IPs, and the protection of copyright by measures such as combating piracy. The high-quality content has been in a new accumulation period since 2018, laying a solid content foundation for the development of the digital reading industry, enhancing market competitiveness, and attracting more users. At the same time, digital reading platforms also show media value for high-quality advertisers, creating conditions for commercial development.


The government work reports have encouraged people to embrace a culture of reading for seven times. The digital reading industry is enjoying favorable policies.
The market size of the digital reading industry in 2020 is expected to exceed 20 billion yuan, showing the high media value of the digital reading platforms. The number of digital reading users has exceeded 400 million. The length of usage is increasing with fluctuations, and the platforms' user stickiness is high.
The users are mainly male with high educational background, high income, broad interests, and proactive decision-making. The digital reading platforms are used all day, but they are most widely used before bedtime and work break. 67.5% of users read on digital reading platforms for more than 30 minutes in a single time. Users love online literature, and suspense reasoning and popular history themes are the most popular. 80% of users have a stable paying tendency and prefer to buy the entire work directly.

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