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Source:iresearchJanuary 05,20214:21 PM Overview The Return of AI to the Social Economy

Give back to the social economy and realize a virtuous circle

People have high expectations for AI since it has high valuations, receives a lot of investment, and developed quickly from budding to the initial period. Compared to the Internet industry, the arrival of the development period and maturity period of AI is expected to take more time. (According to iResearch, it took the AI industry 4 years to enter its initial period in 2019 since its budding in 2015, which is much shorter than that of the electronic information industry and the Internet industry. However, it will take the AI industry 6 years to enter the development period, which is longer than the 4 years taken by the Internet industry.) Enterprises may be under more pressure from social expectations and capital return expectations. Nevertheless, the growth rate of artificial intelligence output value is impressive. The empowerment of AI will have the feature of changing one-way product supply to two-way co-construction with deep participation of various industries, giving back to the social economy, achieving a virtuous circle, and promoting AI to truly enter the industrial vision. In 2020, the scale of the AI industry is expected to reach 150 billion yuan. Influenced by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the rapid growth of the business is mainly contributed by the AI open platform API. Other growth drivers will be discussed in Chapter 4; The industry scale is expected to exceed 450 billion yuan in 2025. iResearch believes that AI startups will account for 30%-45% of the market. The rest of the market will be shared by Internet companies, cloud service companies, big data companies, information technology service companies, communication equipment companies, and some research institutes.


In 2020, the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic disrupted many economic lives, pushing AI to an important position in pandemic prevention and control. AI enters our life and production through pandemic prevention and command platform, AI temperature measurement, senseless access, pandemic inquiry robots, AI-assisted diagnosis, and treatment as well as interesting video effects and chat robots that bring happiness to our homes.
These everyday scenarios are just a small part of AI applications. In the last year, AI has developed from the stage of market education to the stage of finding a way to combine technology and business for application. Artificial intelligence is about to be extensively and deeply integrated with traditional industries. In 2020, AI has been widely applied in various links that can decide the economic benefits of enterprises. Led by the human-machine collaboration model, AI promotes traditional industries to start efficiency reform and kinetic energy conversion. The attribute of AI as the label of startups is weakening. AI has increasingly become a production factor that is actively tried and used by business entities in various industries. AI is included in the new infrastructure. iResearch has released the reports of "iResearch Serial Market Research on China's AI Industry" for three consecutive years.
The AI industry has been growing in 2020 and its economic scale has exceeded 150 billion yuan. In this report, we are going to discuss four issues: the authenticity and sustainability of opportunities in the AI ​​economy era, scientific evaluation of the market sentiment of the outside world about AI, new growth drivers of artificial intelligence, and research and analysis of the ROI of AI. We hope this report can present readers with a full picture of artificial intelligence, and provide inspiration on how to analyze and judge the artificial intelligence industry.

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