2021 China’s Retail Cloud Industry Report

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Status Quo of China's Retail Cloud Industry
Centralization and decentralization models co-exist
With the rise of omnichannel retail, retailers realize the importance of connecting offline and online scenarios. They also admit that obtaining digital assets in offline consumption scenarios by offline digital empowerment can improve the operation of offline businesses. With their technical capabilities, retail technology companies provide retailers and brands with smart marketing SaaS tools and solutions to increase potential conversion, customer retention, and customer repurchase rates; With e-commerce retail operation experience, traffic access, and technical advantages, the online retailers provide retailers with retail cloud solutions and digital upgrades of offline stores; with their supply chain management and operation abilities, product selection advantages and brand status, the offline retailers provide retail clouds for retailers and digital transformation for terminal retailers. Being the digital infrastructure of the future retail industry, the retail cloud has both centralization and decentralization model.

Main Players in the Retail Cloud Industry
Relying on the company‘s smart retail network, through the three core abilities of smart supply chain management ,Smart logistics management and Smart marketing management, MISSFRESH retail cloud provide offline supermarkets, vegetable markets, community stores and other retailers with  SaaS+DaaS+AI services, covering commodity planning, supply and demand management, user online marketing, home delivery service and smart store operation. By digital transformation and upgrading of traditional retailers such as supermarkets, community convenience stores, and vegetable market, MISSFRESH retail cloud use AI to replace human in decision-making process to solve problems such as difficult SKU management, high losses caused by transport, short of online customer acquisition methods, etc., and help clients build exclusive online channels to turn their offline customers into online private traffic. Using retail cloud technology platform to  improve the digital level of retailers, enhance operating efficiency, take opportunity of online development of retail to reduce costs and increase revenue will become the intelligent solution for fresh food and FMCG retail industry

Future Trends in the Retail Cloud Industry
The retail cloud is expected to cover a variety of retail forms in the future, improving the overall digital level of the retail industry
Due to the differences in SKU numbers and categories,  the digital construction levels of retail forms vary. The convenience stores and supermarkets have a relatively high digital level, while the vegetable markets, mom-and pop-shops and other small retailers have low levels.  Compared to traditional software services, the retail cloud is likely to cover multiple retail forms to enhance the digital level of the retail industry since it has lowered the use threshold.

Factors Driving the Development of China's Retail Cloud Industry: Technology
Big data, algorithms and AI technologies keep improving. The emergence of cloud provides platforms that empower business expansion
With the continuous development and improvement of the digital technology system, which has big data, cloud computing and AI as core technologies, retail companies are trying to use digital means to solve the problems in the aspects of consumers, products and scenarios through digital means. The accelerated omnichannel retail progress brings a lot of fragmented data to retail companies. However, traditional digital tools can hardly integrate or explore all retail data. With the advantage of efficient compatibility, the data architecture of the retail cloud can promote the improvement of retailers’ digital mining capabilities. and with the integration of retailers’ own businesses, the retail clouds provide systematic retail digital solutions for retailers, especially small and medium retailers.



With Internet traffic dividends gradually disappearing, traditional Internet e-commerce companies have noticed the vast traffic of the offline market and have begun to build offline retail channels to attract traffic. China's retail industry has entered the omnichannel retail stage. The trend of online and offline linkage has accelerated.

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