2021 China’s ACG Industry Report

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Market Scale

The ACG industry is booming. The peripheral products are driving growth.

Generally speaking, China's ACG industry is maturing. As to the content industry, animation, comics and games have all made some achievements, indicating that China's ACG content production gradually improves and is increasingly accepted by the market. Online ACG platforms have become the main access to ACG content. Judging from the general development trend, instead of being driven by the content industry, the ACG market is now driven by both content and peripheral products. The peripheral industry is expected to develop rapidly in the next 3 years and its share in the overall ACG industry will keep growing, driving the scale of the ACG industry to exceed 100 billion yuan.

Size of Users

The number of pan-ACG users was over 400 million in 2020 and is expected to exceed 500 million in 3 years.

The Internet traffic dividends no longer exist after 2018. However, thanks to the springing up of high-quality animation and comic works, especially the domestic ones, and the publishing of excellent ACG mobile games such as Arknights and Genshin Impact, the demographic dividends of pan-ACG users still exist and the number of pan-ACG users was over 400 million in 2020. As the post-00s are growing up and accessing the Internet, they will become the inner driver of pan-ACG users. iResearch predicts that the number of pan-ACG users will exceed 500 million by 2023.

Market Size of China's Comic and Animation Industry

The comic market achieves further development and the animation broadcasting market is developing steadily.

As to comics, as the Chinese domestic comic creators are increasing and maturing, China’s comics market scale reached 3.4 billion yuan in 2020 and is expected to maintain a growth rate above 15% in the next 3 years. iResearch believes that, on the basis of paid comic reading, since  animation, movies and TV series adapted from comic works are increasingly accepted by users, the value of native comic IP will continuously release. As to animation, in 2020 China’s animation broadcasting market scale hit 20.5 billion yuan. iResearch believes that with the improvement of the quality of Chinese animation and comics, Chinese animation will not only get more advertising and subscription revenue for broadcasting but also drive many derivative industries such as content adaptation and physical derivatives in the downstream of the industry chain.


China’s ACG industry is booming. In 2020 its market size hit 100 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of 32.7%. The number of pan-ACG users is expected to reach 500 million by 2023. The amount of single investment or financing has increased prominently. In general, the content industry still has the opportunity to make breakthroughs. The peripheral industries are an emerging link of the industry chain and have great potential.

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