2022 China Family MPV Market Report

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Status quo of industry development: The covid-19 pandemic has not severely impacted the development of the family MPV industry. In recent years, SAIC-GM BUICK, FORTHING, SAIC-GM Wuling and other brands have launched family MPV models to meet new market demand. However, the current family MPVs still need improvement and are becoming more intelligent, high-end, networked, and more suitable for younger consumers.

Consumer behavior and habits: Consumers of family MPVs are mostly male between the age of 26-45, married, have kids, high education background, high income, and a successful career. When buying MPVs, they attach the most importance to safety, comfortability, and cost performance. Their core demand is safety, comfortability, and stability.

Development trends in family MPVs. More and more brands are attaching increasing importance to the family MPV market and have made plans for family MPV products. To meet the demand of family MPV consumers, they launched models that are nice looking, able to satisfy family needs, have large interior space, rich intelligent configuration, complete safety configuration, and can bring comfortable driving experience, promoting innovation and improvement of family MPV products.

MPV Sales and Trends 

According to China Automotive Industry Operation Report, the MPV sales volume grew rapidly from 2013 to 2016, but dropped sharply in 2017. After 4 years of negative growth, the growth of sales volume in China became positive again in 2021. MPV sales in China have experienced initial breakout and mid-term adjustment and are gradually entering a steady development period. Since MPV consumers have demand in increasingly diverse scenarios, carmakers deliberately blur the boundary between commercial MPV and family MPV when launching MPV models. Thus, many models on market are described as suitable for both commercial and family use. However, big carmakers have been developing new family MPV models in recent years. Family MPV sales in China are expected to grow.

Popular Family MPV Brands and Models

In the early days, most brands use commercial MPVs to enter the market. With increasingly fierce market competition and changes in market demand, carmakers start product improvement or innovation to make the current MPVs more suitable for family use or produce models that are suitable for both family and commercial use. In recent years, thanks to the two-child and three-child policies, the family MPV market has been growing, urging auto brands to launch family MPVS. Some brands now have a diverse product system covering commercial MPV, family MPV and MPVs suitable for both commercial and family use.

Portrait of Family MPV Owners

MPV owners in this survey have notable characteristics. Their average age is 35.7. Most of them are male, mature and prudent, married and have children, have a high education background, a high income, a successful career, and live an easy and stable life.

Channels to Gain Information and Buy Vehicles 

Owners who learn relevant information through 4S stores, brand official websites and offline car shows account for 66.4%, 48.3% and 42.2%, respectively. 78.0% of the owners buy MPVs from 4S stores.

MPV Purchase Reasons and Prices

Survey data show that MPV is the first car for 49.9% of owners. 70.7% of owners buy MPVs for travel convenience and 54.9% buy to drive family members. 48.7% of consumers buy the MPVs between 150,000 and 250,000 yuan.

Concerns and Core Demand When Purchasing Family MPV

When purchasing MPV, consumers focus on factors such as safety, comfortability, cost performance, room, multi-function, operation, quality, configuration, and reputation. Safety is the most important. Consumers' demand is mainly about comfortability, safety, and stability.

Table of Contents of the Full Report

Definition and Research Direction

1 Environment for the Development of Family MPV

1.1 Policy Environment

1.2 Economic Environment

1.3 Technological Environment

1.4 Social Environment

2 The Current Situation of the Family MPV Industry

2.1 Current Situation and Trends in Home MPV Sales

2.2 Matrix of Popular Family MPV Brands and Models

2.3 Current Situation of the Intelligence Configuration of Family MPVs

2.4 Current Upgrade and Innovation Directions of Family MPVs

2.5 Overall Feedback on the Driving Experience of Family MPVs

3 Family MPV Use Analysis
3.1 Survey Explanation

3.2 Portrait of Family MPV Owners
3.3 Information and Purchase Channels
3.4 Possessed Cars, Purchase Reasons and Prices

3.5 Concerns and Core Demand When Purchasing Family MPVs
3.6 Family MPV Owners' Driving Behaviors and Habits
3.7 Pain Points of Family MPV
3.8 Family MPV Owners’ Life Attitude
3.9 Family MPV Owners' Car Purchase Cateria
3.10 Characteristics of New Family MPV Brands
3.11 Potential Family MPV Buyers’ Attitude

4 Case Study of Typical Enterprises
4.1 Case Study—— FORTHING
4.2 Case Study ——Honda
4.3 Case Study ——SAIC-GM BUICK


Industry development environment: Policy, economic, technical and social dividends, together with the two-child and three-child policies, promote the development of family MPVs. China’s MPV market changes from a niche market into an emerging hot market that big brands and carmakers are pouring into.

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