2022 China Health Management Report

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Use intelligent tools for dynamic fat loss

In the past five years, the average body fat percentage of Chinese people has increased by 2%, and the proportion of overweight people has grown by 6.9%. It is better to start health management as soon as possible.

People want a better body shape. Losing fat has become popular.

Use body fat percentage indicator to create a closed loop of healthy fat loss.

More delicate food and more attention attached to high-quality ingredients

New popular ingredients keep emerging.

The main motivation for having healthy meals is to lose fat. Women want to have a better shape and men want stronger muscles.

Nutritious meal preparation has high requirements and people want weekly prepared meals.

People choose different intensities of exercise

Work out in fragmented time brings endless possibilities

Users can exercise the correct muscle groups after taking professional courses, and become more motivated after sports-related social activities

focusing on sports.

People look forward to workout planning with moderate intensity + intelligent motion correction

Use AI technology to have intelligent healthy life

Record data and track indicators, and make personalized healthy life plans

Health-related Projects Are in Many Areas

ONE Health in ALL Industries

Based on the data on venture capital projects, health-related projects have been found in various industries and tracks. In the consumption track, health-related projects account for 47%.

Digital Intelligence Empowers the Whole Chain of the Health Industry 

Different Age Groups Have Different Goals 

Surveys show that the main goals of working-out people in China are improving health conditions and losing fat/weight. Different age groups have different motivations. Young people such as the post-95s work out to relax and improve body shape. While middle-aged people such as the post-80s are more concerned about their health conditions. As to scenarios, the post-95s like listening to music while working out and the post-80s pay close attention to their body fat percentages

Workout Time and Frequency

Surveys show that the biggest problem  in working out is the lack of time, especially for those who work out at least three hours a week. People who work at least three times a week in different time periods and for unfixed time length account for a large proportion among those advanced。Without the long period of free time, they can find more time to work out.

Workout Planning + Intelligent Correction

About 40% users say they don’t have enough time for working out

Surveys show that the major obstacles to working out are the lack of time and exercise knowledge. People want intelligent tools to supervise and correct their motions. They also want low-difficulty courses with detailed explanations for beginners, and dietary advice based on their personalized workout programs and physical conditions to have better results.

Personalized Workout Plans Become Popular

In this age of information explosion, there is so much information about fat loss, healthy meals and exercise instruction that users are usually lost in the enormous information, keep changing programs and feel upset when they can't keep up with the trend. Advanced users begin to explore the ways that suit them inwardly by monitoring changes in body indicators. Making personalized plans for users according to their physical conditions will become a new focus of the healthy life platform.

Customization of Health Management

Provide smart hardware + customized sports and diet guidance based on users' body fat percentage, calorie intake and consumption to help them live a healthy life

Table of Contents of the Full Report


1 1 Pursue a Higher Quality of Life
1.1 Health-related Projects Are in Many Areas
1.2 Digital Intelligence Empowers the Whole Chain of the Health Industry
1.3 Feeling Energetic Becomes the New Health Expectation
1.4 Lack of Exercises and Staying up too Late
1.5 Patients with Chronic Diseases Are Getting Younger

1.6 Only About 60% of Chinese People Are Satisfied with Their Health Condition
1.7 Analysis of Four Healthy Life Styles

2 Healthy Weight Has Multiple Criteria
2.1 Use Intelligent Tools to Lose Weight Dynamically
2.2 Analysis of Body Weight and Body Fat-related Indicators of Chinese Residents

2.3 Losing Fat Might Become Popular Nationwide
2.4 Use the Body Fat Percentage to Build a Healthy Closed Loop of Fat Loss

3 Advancement of Healthy Diet
3.1 Health Data Management
3.2 Specific Practices for Healthy Diet

3.3 90 days to Develop Healthy Eating Habits

3.4 Bad Eating Habits of Chinese People on a Healthy Diet

3.5 Problems and Solutions

4 Enjoy Working Out of All Intensity Levels
4.1 Workout Intensity Vary With Different People
4.2 Analysis of Working Out People in Different Age Groups in China in 2022
4.3 Time and Methods of the Working Out People in China in 2022
4.4 People like Making Friends with the Same Interests When Working Out
4.5 Ideas and Expectations of Working Out People in China in 2022

5 Regimen of the ”Lying Flat” People
5.1 The ”Lying Flat” People Have Health Awareness but Lack Action
5.2 2022 Health Condition of the “Lying Flat” People in China
5.3 2022 Fat Loss of the “Lying Flat” People in China
5.4 2022 Diet of the “Lying Flat” People in China
5.5 2022 Exercise of the “Lying Flat” People in China

6 Imagination for Healthy Life
6.1 Feel Free in a Healthy Lifestyle
6.2 Personalized Workout Plans Become Popular
6.3 Intelligent and Customized Health Management Services


Chinese people want to feel energetic and healthy
People want to have a better body shape and better sleep and improve other aspects concerning the quality of life.
People are most concerned about the lack of exercises. However, they can’t help staying up late

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