2022 Basic Cloud Service Industry Data Report

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Basic Cloud Service Industry Map

Size and Growth Rate of the Overall Cloud Service Market in China 

In 2021, the size of the overall cloud service market in China was 328.02 billion yuan, growing by 45.4%. The accelerated penetration of cloud services in some traditional industries other than government affairs and finance has driven the rebound in China‘s overall cloud service market growth. However, the uncertain internal and external macro-environment has hindered the further recovery of the cloud service market. Irrational growth factors caused by market mutation can hardly provide long-term and stable growth momentum. Cloud services now have a relatively stable market structure on the supply side. Cloud application has become a broad consensus on the demand side. The ’concept monetization‘ stage of the cloud market has ended. Players need to explore multiple growth curves from the perspective of ‘capacity monetization’ and use long-term technical capability upgrades and ecological capability construction to gain a broader market space.

Size and Growth Rate of the Public Cloud Service Market in China

The size of the public cloud service market hit 229.05 billion yuan in 2021, up 52.7%. Although China's public cloud service market has been recovering, the fast-changing macro development environment has influenced the development of the public cloud service market. In the basic cloud field (IaaS and PaaS), the popularity of audio, video and entertainment content has declined compared to before the resumption of work and production. Meanwhile, gaming and online education, which belong to the pan-internet industry, are facing development transformation. Due to the above factors, the pan-internet industry, which is the main player in the public cloud service market, didn't contribute much to the market growth in 2021. In the cloud application field, SaaS has been a hot topic in recent years. There are a lot of cloud application vendors but their capabilities still need improvement. The market focus now turns to the buyer's market. Most cloud application vendors are under potential survival pressure. The public cloud service industry needs to explore multiple growth paths to achieve stable and fast growth.

User Structure of the Public Cloud Service Market Industry in China

Since cloud services' Internet attribute is naturally matched with the features of the pan-Internet industry. Internet users have been the main industry clients in the public cloud service market. In terms of the pan-internet industry, after leasing cloud services, the leading companies in the industry do not change cloud vendors frequently. The waist and long-tail customers have high mobility, but they choose from several fixed cloud vendors. Although there are a large number of small and medium-sized companies, their contribution to the revenues of cloud vendors is limited. Thus, the pan-internet industry needs to maintain its stock place in the public cloud field. Public cloud vendors rely on the accelerated iteration of technical capabilities and the constant improvement of ecological capabilities to consolidate subscription/renewal rates for customers in the pan-Internet industry. China’s Internet industry is experiencing a structural adjustment. The growth space of the public cloud market will mainly rely on traditional industries. The traditional industries have clearer specifications for cloud use. To gain more incremental space, first, the public vendors need to change to a service model that can better suit the traditional industries; second, they need a complete solution that takes business scenarios as the starting point and targets business goals; third, make more use of the power of partners and ecological partners to penetrate into traditional industry users and indirectly influence them.

Size and Growth Rate of the Non-Public Cloud Service Market in China 

In 2021, the size of the non-public cloud service market in China was nearly 100 billion yuan, growing by 30.9%. From the perspective of the demand side, the market growth is mainly from the accelerated cloud application in traditional industries due to digital economy construction and industrial digitalization. Since traditional industries have complex businesses and strict supervision, the form of public cloud can hardly meet their demand. The co-existence of multiple clouds and cross-cloud management will be the major features in the traditional industries for a long time. Traditional industries will need proprietary cloud, hybrid cloud and private cloud in the long run. From the perspective of the supply side, vendors that provide non-public cloud services are changing their development strategies. Integrated cloud vendors constantly enhance the connectivity of their non-public cloud solutions' technical capabilities with public clouds. Professional non-public cloud vendors integ rate non-public clouds with specific business scenarios to provide more targeted services and to improve their ecological capabilities to enhance their solution applicability.

User Structure of the Non-public Cloud Service Market Industry in China

Government affairs and finance still dominate the non-public cloud sector. The proportion of government affairs has slightly decreased but the proportion of finance has increased a little. Both the norm and model of cloud application in the government affairs industry were changed in 2021. Government affair cloud vendors need to make adjustments according to the new rules when providing relevant cloud services, which has delayed the construction of some projects. The financial cloud has effectively continued the mature model of previous years and has increased its market share with the development of financial innovation. In addition, industrial manufacturing and healthcare have both increased spend on cloud, but their motivations are different. In the industrial manufacturing sector, active cloudification for business purposes is more common. Cloud vendors provide feasible solutions based on business scenarios. Currently, the head industrial companies prefer the model of hybrid cloud, which can achieve the balance between public cloud capabilities and private cloud management and security. While the SMEs in the industry prefer public cloud. In the healthcare industry, the accelerated construction of local medical consortiums promotes the cloudification of the overall healthcare industry. However, the healthcare industry cloudification mainly concentrates on small and medium-sized hospitals and district and county level hospitals, with the intention of meet policy requirements. There are not many cloudification scenarios of large general hospitals. Thus, the development of the non-public cloud market needs better adaptability and solving the cloudification pain points of traditional industry users.

In 2021 the Top 5 cloud vendors in China's public cloud IaaS market remain unchanged, but the market shares of cloud vendors with an Internet background slightly decreased. The changes in the shares of head cloud vendors with an Internet background were mainly because their revenue growth hit a bottleneck due to the changed cloud demand of industry clients, and the profit transformation model in ecology, industrial park and other fields is not yet stable and realizing economies of scale still needs time. In the public cloud IaaS market, the head cloud vendors have a large business volume and serve many industries. First, in the process of business adjustment, the period from feedback to practice is long; Second, in the development of the industry, it is very difficult to take into account the "comprehensiveness of business" and "comprehensiveness of growth"; Third, the head cloud vendors start investing in the industries that are still in the budding period of cloud application to gain first-mover advantage. However, with limited industry experience, some products and services will face challenges later. The cloud vendors with comprehensive products and services and specialized scenarios and industries adjust its development strategy more flexibly and in a timely manner by observing industry trends and leading vendors.

Competitive Landscape of China's Basic Cloud Service in Overseas Market

In 2021, the structure of both China's public cloud IaaS global delivery market and the IaaS + PaaS global delivery market are stable. Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Tencent Cloud and Huawei Cloud are the leading players. In terms of the overseas development of China's basic cloud services in 2021, the changes in the pan-internet industry development environment urge some Internet companies to move their operations overseas; Meanwhile, the domestic technology companies develop quickly and turn their attention to developing countries, thereby turning superior technology to economic benefits and reducing operating costs by using local materials at the same time. Thus, driven by both internal and external factors, Chinese cloud vendors with overseas background, more comprehensive global business layout, more extensive infrastructure, more unified and compliant management, had better performance in the overseas market in 2021. China's basic cloud service has more comprehensive global business layo ut, wider infrastructure, more unified management and management more unified and compliant overseas background cloud vendors in 2021 China Cloud The overseas market performed more prominently.

Table of Contents of the Full Report

1 Basic Cloud Services Industry Data

1.1 Basic Cloud Service Concept

1.2 Industry Chain of Basic Cloud Services

1.3 Industry Map of Basic Cloud Services

1.4 Overall Cloud Service Market Size and Growth Rate in China

1.5 China Overall Cloud Service Market Structure

1.6 Size and Growth Rate of China's Public Cloud Service Market

1.7 User Structure of China Public Cloud Service Market Industry

1.8 Size and Growth Rate of China Non-public Cloud Services Market

1.9 User Structure of China Non-public Cloud Service Market Industry

1.10 Competitive Landscape of China Basic Cloud Services Market (1/2)

1.11 Competitive Landscape of China Basic Cloud Service Market (2/2)

1.12 Competitive Landscape of China's Basic Cloud Service in Overseas Market

2 Appendix

2.1 Description of Market Share Statistics (1/2)

2.2 Description of Market Share Statistics (2/2)


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