2023 Insights into the FinTech industry in China

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FinTech – Technology Strategy Matrix

Interpretation of the Matrix

Explanation of cases and caliber changes

In this annual report, based on the technology investment and business needs of financial institution customers and the development of the technology market, iResearch has added some cases of technology use that deserve the attention of financial institution customers. Interpretation of the Matrix will explain the financial institutions' technology investment status and the strategic technologies that financial institutions should focus on in 2023. Generally speaking, the position of many cases in the matrix has undergone major changes, indicating that the financial institutions' customer needs and technical practice directions are changing correspondingly. In addition, the research team has also changed the division of relevant technology cases to ensure direction consistency in subsequent research.

2021-2022 FinTech Efficiency Development Quadrants

This round of quadrant research shows that many key cases are in the period of agile practice or superior efficiency and their technology efficiency is above the mean curve, indicating that FinTech has been used in many cases and have already been achieved positive results. From the perspective of financial business attribute, cases of regulatory compliance is entering the period of superior efficiency; while from the perspective of general capability, cases of risk control marketing and channels have obvious efficiency in this observation period .

Interpretation of the Quadrants 

Business categories and key science and technology strategies based on financial attributes

Shortlisted Excellent FinTech Corporates


Development background of FinTech:
2022 is the first year of a new round of “Fintech Development Plan”. The connotation is more comprehensive and more detailed. The development efficiency is improved in both quality and speed. The new phase of policy emphasizes the application of data elements as the basis, and adds multiple key tasks centering around infrastructure construction and industrial ecological construction.
Traditional financial institutions, financial technology companies, and technology service providers are converging. Supported by organizations' internal connection changes and customer-oriented strategy changes, they are actively promoting multi-level innovation practices in financial infrastructure, financial business models, and internal structure of organizations.

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