2022 Global Internet Communication Cloud Industry Report

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Concept and Types of Internet Communication Cloud

Internet communication cloud is a subsection of cloud communication service. It provides Internet communication capabilities in the form of PaaS (including API/SDK). Internet communication cloud consists of IM PaaS and RTC PaaS. Its core value is to efficiently empower customers with instant messaging and RTC abilities at a low cost to meet the needs of customers in various communication scenarios. To lower the application development threshold, Internet communication cloud has derived scenario-based value-added services on the basis of communication capabilities and has packaged them into industry solutions, so that customers can use capabilities more conveniently and embed them into their own applications.

Global Internet Communication Cloud Market Size

According to iResearch, the global Internet communication cloud market size reached 5.3 billion yuan in 2021. The share of the Chinese market fell to 45.5%. After the normalization of the pandemic, the activity of mobile applications has returned to normal levels. The demand of key customers in the education and gaming industries has reduced due to the adjustment of macro policies. These two factors are the main reasons for the decline in the growth rate of the Chinese market. Since emerging markets other than China are enjoying the dividends brought by mobile Internet development, and new application forms such as Metaverse have emerged, it is expected that the growth rate of the global Internet communication cloud will rise to 40% again and the market size will reach 15.7 billion yuan in 2025.

Global Internet Communication Cloud Industry Chain and Map

Internet communication cloud vendors can be divided into three types based on their business focus. (1) Professional Internet communication cloud vendor; (2) Comprehensive cloud communication vendor (providing Internet communication cloud services and SMS, voice, customer service, call center and other cloud communication services at the same time). (3) Basic cloud vendors. In general, in the Chinese market, professional vendors with developers as the main service subject are more active and prefer to increase customers through direct sales. While in overseas markets, there are more comprehensive vendors and enterprise customers have a strong demand. The value of channel sales is prominent. By building a cloud market centering around Internet communication, vendors can quickly expand their capabilities and provide customers with a full range of services.

Global Internet Communication Cloud Competitive Landscape: the Chinese Market

China occupies a major share of the global Internet communication cloud service market.  The Chinese market, which has transitioned from high-speed growth to steady growth, focuses on third-party services and has a high concentration rate.  In the field of IM PaaS, the market structure is basically stable. According to iResearch, among the top 1,000 APPs by the number of monthly unique devices, RONGCLOUD has over 85 million daily active devices, ranking first among professional Internet communication cloud vendors. In terms of RTC PaaS, CR3 of head vendors has exceeded 70%. With deepening real-time interactive businesses, IM PaaS and basic cloud vendors will increase investment in real-time audio and video, which is expected to promote competition and stimulate the vitality of the industry.

Internet Communication Cloud Selection Strategy: Product

High security and strong global infrastructure capabilities are the basic guarantees for product selection. IM products have similar underlying performance. However, since the protocols of their three basic functions, connection management, data transmission, and record query, have different advantages and disadvantages, it is important for vendors to flexibly seek the optimal solution for different scenarios. In addition, customers will also be influenced by top-level factors such as ease of use and cost performance. The difference in the lower limit of RTC products' basic performance is small. Transmission protocols and strategies that ensure a more stable network, technologies for intelligent scheduling, and richer video and audio engine components will raise the upper limit of basic performance, thereby improving competitiveness. Customers will also consider whether the scenarios of applications are diverse and whether the terminals of individual customers can match.

Development Trend in the Internet Communication Cloud Industry: Ecological Win-win Cooperation 

With the advancement of IM and RTC technologies, the development focus of Internet communication cloud vendors is shifting from core technologies to comprehensive services. These companies are trying to carry out ecological cooperation through developer incubation and cloud market construction to enhance their influence and comprehensive service capabilities. By recruiting other cloud vendors, the cloud market facilitates one-stop price comparison and purchase. Based on their vendors, the cloud market can be further divided into the comprehensive cloud market and the scenario-based cloud market. The former is suitable for comprehensive vendors with complex business lines and strong management capabilities; The latter is suitable for vendors with vertical business lines, high market shares, and some influence in the industry. Building an ecology through the cloud market is more sustainable than other ecological cooperation models. In addition, it can also help vendors accumulate influence and brand value. Thus, the head vendors' ecology improvement will focus on this.


The core value of the Internet communication cloud, which consists of IM PaaS and RTC PaaS, is to empower customers with instant messaging and real-time audio and video capabilities in an efficient and low-cost way, meeting the demand for various communication scenarios of Internet applications, enterprise-level applications, and IoT applications.

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