2023 China’s Dietary Supplement Industry Report

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Opinions About Dietary Supplement

Dietary Supplement Definition and Product Classification

Dietary supplements mainly consist of dietary fiber and prebiotics. Dietary fiber can be divided into soluble dietary fiber and insoluble dietary fiber. For a long time, Chinese residents have problems such as an unbalanced diet structure and excessive intake of sugar and fat. Dietary fiber, as a polysaccharide that neither be absorbed nor digested by the human body, can wrap sugar and oil substances to help increase gastrointestinal peristalsis, improve constipation, and lower blood sugar and fat. Prebiotics can promote the proliferation of probiotics such as bifidobacteria and inhibit harmful and pathogenic bacteria. Oligosaccharide probiotics also have some properties of soluble dietary fiber. With rising awareness of nutrition, dietary fiber, and prebiotics are gaining more attention in recent years.

Drivers of the Development of Dietary Supplement

A large number of people are suffering from diabetes, constipation, or obesity

Downstream Dietary Supplement Demand 

Dietary Supplement Industry Chain

Future Development Trends of Dietary Supplement China

Future Development Trends of Dietary Fiber

•Resistant dextrin is natural and is not easy to get wet or caking. It has high water solubility, heat and acid resistance, and no special taste. With unique physiological functions and good processing features, it has great potential.
•The technical barrier to resistant dextrin production is high. It has high technical parameter requirements in specific links of the production process, while the determination of technical parameters requires a large number of experiments and continuous improvement through specific production applications. In addition, product extraction needs chromatographic separation equipment, which is expensive.


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