Baidu Sets Up LBS Division; Sohu Said to Spin Off Video Unit

Baidu Sets Up LBS Division
Baidu Inc (Nasdaq: BIDU), China's most used search engine, said it has founded a division for location based services to supplement its mapping service, which went online four years ago. Baidu's mapping service currently has 77 million users and has developed partnerships with over 4,000 businesses, including restaurants, movie theaters, shopping complexes, hotels, bus stops, supermarkets and parks.

Sohu Said to Spin Off Video Unit
Sohu Video, a video hosting service operated by Inc (Nasdaq: SOHU), will likely be spun off for an independent listing, people familiar with the matter said. The move comes as China's online video market has appeared to make profit after copyright costs have fallen 60% from a year ago, according to CNNIC data.

Shanda Games Paired Up with Japanese Peer
Shanda Games Ltd (Nasdaq: GAME), a leading Chinese online game developer and operator, said it has formed a partnership with Square Enix Co, a Japanese game developer, to develop mobile games. Under the terms, the parties are to localize and operate four games in mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia in the next 12 months. Separately, Shanda Games said it plans to release 25 mobile games by the end of next year.

Source:The China Perspective


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