China's Online Game Industry Sales Reached CNY60.28 Billion In 2012

China's Game Industry Annual Conference 2012 was just held in Suzhou and the comprehensive Chinese game industry report for 2012 was released during the conference.

According to the report, the Chinese gaming market achieved actual sales of CNY60.28 billion in 2012, a year-on-year increase of 35.1%. The sales were contributed by online games, mobile games, and standalone client-side software games. The online games component also included social-related games.

Statistics showed that during the year 2012, the Chinese online game market gained actual sales of CNY56.96 billion, accounting for 94.5% of the total; the sales within the mobile game market were CNY3.24 billion, accounting for 5.4%; the sales of standalone games were CNY75 million, accounting for 0.1%.

The report also listed that the total sales of online games, those with clients contributed CNY45.12 billion; Web-based games contributed CNY8.11 billion, and social-related games contributed CNY3.73 billion. Of the total sales of online games with clients, MMORPG products contributed CNY30.78 billion while casual games contributed about half at CNY14.34 billion.

In addition, the report predicted that by 2017, China's sales of games will increase to CNY135.22 billion. From 2013 to 2017, the compound annual growth rate of the market will be 12.3%.

Source: China Tech News


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