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Q1 2012 China Online Payment Report (Brief Edition)

April 28, 2012, 4:29 PM


GMV of China online payment climbed 112.6% YoY, to 776 bn. RMB in Q1 2012, yet growing only 1.2% quarter on quarter.Online payment GMV for online shopping enterprises occupied remarkably less share compared with Q1 2012,namely 40.1% of the overall GMV.Air travel was in its off-season in Q1, but still grew steadily due to the increasing penetration rates. Online gaming GMV rose slightly. GMV of all the other segments of online industry grew more quickly than the above three. Meanwhile, traditional ecommercialized financial fields such as insurance and funds will become the focus of the competition in the future.

Table of Content

1. Measuring Data on Q1 2012 Total GMV of China Online Payment
2. Measuring Data on Q1 2012 Structure of Online Payment GMV
3. Companies' Performance in Q1 2012
4. Prediction for 2012
5. Prediction for 2012
6. Legal Notices


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