Advertising Revenue of Portals and Video Websites Expected to Rise in 2013

What should advertising media do to seek an increase of revenue under the condition of fixed choice of Internet brand advertisers? Which industries are the new opportunities for them? How to realize differentiated competition of advertising for portals, vertical websites and independent video websites?

Vehicle, food and drink advertisers lead the increase

According to iAdtracker, a data monitoring system of iResearch, vehicle advertising spending kept rising in recent years while advertising of Internet service and real estate encountered bottlenecks in 2012. Meanwhile, food and drink advertising spending increased rapidly in 2012 after the stable growing period from 2010 to 2011.

Reviewing the market growing over the last few years, we find pillar industries such as traffic industry and real estate industry experienced rapid recovery in 2010 after the financial crisis. In 2011, virtual economy including Internet service industry gained its ground. The automation market was growing in 2012, which at the same time drove up vehicle advertising spending. Moreover, food and drink advertisers, representatives of fast moving consumer goods advertisers, put more attention to advertising on multiple devices.

In 2013, advertisement of vehicle, food and drink are expected to lead the growth of brand advertising spending. Seen from the macro environment, the consumer market is still hot and the consumer confidence index keeps rising. From the perspective of the industry, the automation market still hasn’t reached saturation and the replacement cycle of products is coming . Besides, advertisers of fast moving consumer goods will turn their attention to interactive media. Thus, the rise of advertising spending of the two industries can be expected. 


iAdTracker shows that seen form the advertising media, portals and video websites are favored by advertisers and it is expected that their advertising revenue will keep growing in 2013. Revenue of portals and real estate websites increased significantly influenced by the surge of estate advertising in 2010. In 2011, internet service advertisers spent more in advertising on portals. Eventually, advertisers turned to interactive media and benefited portals and video websites in 2012.

In 2013, young netizens will shift their attention to interactive media. In order to keep pace with the new trend, advertisers may put more concern on portals with a wide coverage, and video websites, on which in-video advertisement have obvious marketing effect , when they place advertisements on TV.  

iResearch analyses that under the current situation of expanding domestic demand in China, vehicle, food and drink advertising spending will increase in 2013. In terms of advertising media, revenue of portals and video websites experienced a peak in 2012 and gained more attention from advertisers. In addition, vertical media with specific user groups will attract more advertisers of various segments.


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