China Mobile Shopping Market up 181.1% in Q2 2013

According to the statistical data of iResearch, GMV of China mobile shopping market surged to 37.52 billion Yuan in Q2 2013, up 181.1% from a year ago.

Mobile Shopping GMV in Q2

According to iResearch, GMV of China mobile shopping market reached 37.52 billion Yuan in Q2 2013, up 181.1% compared with Q2 2012 and up 40.7% versus Q1 2013.

iResearch attributes the development of China mobile shopping market in Q2 2013 to the following two factors. Firstly, influenced by promotions of e-commerce enterprises on June 18th in Q2, the involved e-commerce enterprises’ transaction value on mobile devices therefore had a robust growth. Secondly, since traditional e-commerce companies invested more money in mobile devices and upgraded their mobile devices to cater to users’ demand and improve user experience in order to extend their users to mobile devices. 

Penetration of Mobile Shopping in Q2

According to iResearch, penetration rate of mobile shopping in the whole online shopping market increased stably and was expected to increase by 8.6% in Q2 2013, up 1% versus Q1 2013.

iResearch analyzes that there are two factors contributing to the change of mobile shopping penetration, namely, device and the Internet. On one hand, with growing smartphone ownership and 3G Internet usage to some extent influenced the penetration of mobile shopping. On the other hand, the low growth of online shopping on PCs indirectly caused rising of mobile shopping penetration.

Major Players in the Mobile Shopping Market

From panoramic view of mobile shopping market in Q2 2013, the top three e-commerce enterprises by mobile shopping GMV were still Taobao,, and Tencent e-commerce. The total share of these three e-commerce giants occupied more than 80% of the mobile shopping market. Additionally, Taobao Wireless accounted for 76.2% and took the share of 1.1%, surpassing that of

iResearch summarizes that as a C2B social product WeiTao launched by Taobao Wireless in April bring a second opportunity to Taobao Wireless, and hence Taobao share in mobile shopping increased. Besides, as, Tencent, and all increased their investment in mobile shopping, market share of these traditional e-commerce enterprises remained stable. As an independent mobile e-commerce enterprise, celebrated their 7th business anniversary, adding categories of their goods. As a result, average revenue per customer and user base increased. For some factors worked together, its transaction value had an explosive growth in Q2 2O13.

Mobile Shopping Trend

Early in 2011, the former CEO of Alibaba, Ma Yun, advocated the should make full use of social networking service in the annual meeting. Now WeiTao launched by Taobao Wireless is a good try in the plan, aiming to raise Taobao Wireless competence by means of the C2B product.

According to the data released by Taobao, WeiTao has attracted 3000 official accounts run by Taobao sellers, shopping guides and public media, as well as 60 million Taobao subscribers since the closed beta test. At present, the only function of WeiTao is shopping guides and its social e-commerce wasn’t fully opened yet. However, it is reported that this model of social e-commerce had brought certain growth to the transaction volume of participating merchants. With wide popularity of SNS and its users’ easy acceptance, the combination between social networking service and e-commerce is doubtless nothing but beneficial. With the gradual development of social e-commerce model, the super mobile shopping markets, which are combination of mobile shopping platforms and social e-commerce, will lead the mobile e-commerce trend.


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