Mobile SNS Traffic Significantly Increases in Q2 2013

The penetration of social networking services (SNS) exceeded 90% on PC in Q2 2013, entering a mature development stage. Overall, mobile SNS traffic increased dramatically. Especially, the traffic of microblog and SNS has obviously transferred to mobile app, even microblog app rose over 40% traffic. The monthly time spent on WeChat reached 440 million hours in May 2013, taking the first place in the SNS Apps rankings and followed by Sina Weibo.

According to the iUserTracker measurement data, SNS penetration in Internet users reached 93.9% in May 2013, ranking the fourth after instant messaging, online video and searching service among the main internet services on PC. Monthly unique visitors of SNS hit 441 million, up 1.1% from a year ago, leading the growth rates of Top 5 Internet services. Generally speaking, traffic of PC internet services experienced stable growth and SNS entered a mature development stage.

Mobile SNS app traffic grew significantly in Q2 2013, completely different from PC SNS traffic.. Comparing with August 2012, the monthly time spent on SNS App increased 77.7%, but monthly time spent on PC SNS decreased 34.3% in May 2013. According to iResearch analysis, PC SNS witnesses a robust development on mobile. More time spent is split to SNS App from PC SNS.

According to iUserTracker and mUserTracker measurement data, as two most important sub category services, the traffic of both SNS and Microblog was shifted to their app in different degree. In May 2013, monthly time spent on PC microblog and microblog app shared 59% and 41% respectively, while monthly time spent on PC SNS and SNS App accounted for 74% and 26% respectively. In accordance with the analysis of iResearch, microblog stream could be better combined with mobile devices, improving user browsing experience in fragment times. At the same time, the media attribution of microblog satisfies the users’ demand of obtaining information anywhere and anytime. On the other hand, SNS has more functions such as photo album, blog, game and applications. Therefore, users prefer browsing social networking website via PC.

In accordance with mUserTracker measurement data, the monthly time spent of WeChat reached 440 million hours in May 2013, increased 2.5 times compared with the 130 million hours in August 2012 and topped all SNS Apps. Sina Weibo followed with the 170 million hours’ monthly time spent, up 49.3% in contrast with August 2012. iResearch considers WeChat as a comprehensive SNS product with media and social attributions rather than a simply instant messaging product,with the constant improvement of the product form. The opening of public platform and the active friend circle also promoted the user viscidity of WeChat. In the future, WeChat will exert its influence on the SNS.


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