Mobile Game Highlights Online Game Industry in Q2 2013

In Q2 2013, revenue of China online gaming market topped 20 billion Yuan, up 8.1% versus Q1 and up 26.6% over the same period of last year. Mobile game has been highlighted in the industry in 2013.

Online Game Revenues

On PC, the overall revenues of client-based game kept stable growth because the revenue of some classic game continuously increased and monetization of the new games launched at the end of Q2 did not start up yet.
Webgame gained large amount of revenue with fast growth due to increasing ad exposures of Jiejisanguo, Daxiazhuan and Liehuozhanshen etc.
Mobile game became the highlight in online gaming industry with sharp growth, attracting lots of companies’ participation and large amount of investments.

Web Game

In Q2 2013, online game advertising spending kept growing to 360 million Yuan, advertising days attaining 148 thousand. However, the number of advertisers continuingly followed the fall trend to 203. Webgame advertising spending was the main enabler for the growth of online game spending. The increase of advertising spending and the decrease of advertisers mean that game enterprises’ awareness of fine web game was raised, therefore, APRU of single advertisers obviously rose.

Mobile Game

Mobile game revenue experienced significant growth in Q2 2013 with the QoQ growth rate of 20.2%. Specially, the growth of smartphone game was most outstanding, up 55% versus Q1. Fine game was the biggest contributor to online game revenue. The fine games with over hundred million Yuan revenue greatly increased. However, the game industry still manifested the features at the initial development stage, and the plagiaries and copy products were common. In addition, smartphone game market was the major competition field, resulting in the share of feature phone game gradually shrank.

According to mUserTracker, a mobile internet measurement product launched by iResearch, in the top 10 mobile games, games that are more easily to play on the mobile devices, such as Temple Run, Fruit Ninja and Carrot Fantasy etc., attracted the largest number of users and enjoyed the longest play duration. JJ Doudizhu and QQ Farm etc. are also favored by mobile game users due to the good reputation from offline and PC games. As a whole, the mobile users much more preferred leisure games.

In Q2 2013, online game greatly expanded relaying on mobile game and webgame, therefore, online game revenue kept growth. Significantly,
Mobile game is booming in 2013.

Any industry has different features in every stages of development. iResearch reckons that mobile game was in the initial development stage. The feature at the stage was fast expansion of market, so the mobile game developers need rapidly alter the strategic decision according to the market change. At the same time, some excellent companies have already noticed that it was important to build up brands of the game and image of the company, and then targeted the position and made the research and development decision on the basis of user demands.


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