Mobile Game Upsurge Highlights China Online Gaming Industry in Q3 2013

In Q3 2013, China online gaming revenues amounted to 22.4 billion Yuan, up 41.4% over Q3 2012 and up 10.7% versus Q2 2013; mobile gaming revenues hit 3.57 billion Yuan, increasing 75% compared with the same period of previous year.

Overview of the Industry

The return of student users in summer holidays and online and offline game marketing intensified by game developers contributed to growth to game players. Client-based game revenues increased stably, which growth of student players in summer vocation showed significant influence on; The life cycle of web game, with the improved game quality, lengthened and platform game servers still kept rapid growth; Mobile game continued the explosive rise, and a series of casual puzzle games on WeChat and mobile QQ launched by Tencent mobile game platform stimulated the market explosion. In the future, social platform will have more obvious effect on game.

Mobile Games

In Q3 2013, smartphone game share surged. Many traditional game developers  such as OurPalm, transformed and marched to smartphone gaming industry. Such non-gaming companies as Ultrapower, Tangel Publishing and Phoenix Publishing & Media took part in the smartphone gaming industry. Mergers happened frequently in the industry.

Taking Android for example, iResearch released 2013 China Android Game Distribution Channels Product Ranking based on measurement data from mStoreTracker from September 1 to September 30.There were 1253 games in the rankings, of which 584 were new games, that is, the average turnover rate of games in the rankings was 46.6%. Independent publishers totaled 746 in the rankings in the period and their output ratio was nearly 1.7games per publishers.


According to mobile game rankings by monthly unique players and effective playing duration in September 2013, Tencent mobile games topped in Q3 2013. Especially WeChat platform has greatly attracted the users. Since Da Feiji and Tiantian Ai Xiaochu was launched on WeChat 5.0 iOS on August 5, they has led the rankings by unique visitors and playing duration within just two months, as user viscosity and social property of social platform strongly appeal to mild gamers. In addition, Plants vs. Zombies 2, launched on Android platform in September, also gets lots of users with average playing duration longer than other games.


In Q3 2013, revenues of online game climbed stably and summer holidays further enlarged the demand. Mobile game maintained the boom.

Firstly, more capital chased mobile games. in Q3, mobile games faced a new upsurge and mergers occurred frequently, including not only mergers launched by game related companies but also capital acquisitions of traditional companies aiming at the gaming industry. The injection of capital will foster the substantial development of the industry.
Secondly, the product supply retained growth. More and more developers’ entering the online gaming industry stimulates the continuous increase of product supply so that the industry can maintain sound development in the competition.

Thirdly, players’ demand for game grows, which can be attributed to the followings. On the one hand, it is the outside environment. For example, the increasing popularity of smartphones enlarges the user base. On the other hand, along with the development of mobile game and cultivation of gamers’ habit, in general, the effective playing duration of gamers has gone up. In the future, the development of online gaming industry, especially mobile games, is worth expecting.


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