China Search Engine Market Sees Obvious Rebound


The revenues of China search engine companies in Q1 2014 attained 11.62 billion Yuan, with QoQ growth rate of -1.7% and YoY growth rate of 56.6%. The increasing YoY growth rate indicates an obvious rebound for the whole search engine market in China.

iResearch analyzed that the rapid YoY growth of China search engine market revenues was attributed to the boost of mobile search. Meanwhile, rising of Qihoo 360’s revenue from search along with Baidu’s constant acquisition also drives up other business revenues.

Market Structure

In Q1 2014, in terms of revenues of search enterprises, Baidu occupied 81.7% in the search engine market, up slightly from 80.6% in Q4 2013. Google China and Sogou also saw slight increase compared with 2013 Q4, registered at 12.0% and 3.7% respectively. Qihoo 360 search occupied 2.5% currently.

According to iResearch, Soso withdrew from China search engine market since Q1 2014, which would exert significant influence on the whole market structure. But market shares of top four search engine enterprises, Baidu, Google China, Sogou and Qihoo 360 remained stable.

Mobile Search

In the past few quarters, constant increase can be seen both in traffic obtained by mobile search and the commercial value it created. Thus, according to iResearch, netizens’ increasing dependence on mobile internet may bring mobile search with more active users and higher viscosity of users, which may form a continuous traffic base for commercialization of mobile search. Moreover, with rising traffic, advertisers will have a better understanding on mobile search advertising, raising advertisers, average revenue per user and revenues from mobile search. In the future, mobile search will remain the key engine for development of the whole China search engine market.


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