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  • Henry Yang | Founder and President of iResearch Group

    Henry is the founder and president of iResearch Group and  an entrepreneur in the new economy sector. After graduating from East China University of Science and Technology, he enrolled in the EMBA program at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) in 2008 and became the first chairman of Internet Society of CKGSB. He is among the fourth alumni of China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and is among Top 10 Outstanding IT Youth of Shanghai.

    Being the president of iResearch since its establishment in 2002, Henry has been dedicated to research in internet and new economy sectors in China. In 2015, he established iResearch Capital, setting up several investment funds including iResearch Angel Fund, iResearch VC Fund, and iResearch U.S. Dollar Fund, etc. 
    In information consulting industry, he participated in the establishment of ChinaVenture which is in the equity investment field and EntGroup, which is a cultural industry research and consulting company, etc. 

    mail to:henry@ireaseach.com.cn
  • Jason Hao | Partner and CTO of iResearch Consulting

    Jason is a core founding member of iResearch and a technical expert. He has over ten years of experience in the internet industry.

    In April 2003, Jason joined iResearch Group as a technical director and was responsible for the management and development of iResearch's overall product line. With years of data research work, he is very experienced in online marketing data analysis.

    He was officially appointed as the CTO by iResearch Group in February 2009 and has been fully responsible for technology development and team building since then. He has provided strong support for iResearch's technological development and is dedicated to making the company an authoritative third-party consulting firm in the new economy sector with technology as its core competence.

    mail to:jason@ireaseach.com.cn
  • Lily Zou | Partner of iResearch Consulting

    As one of the early researchers of online advertising in China, Lily Zou is a core member of the founding team of iResearch Consulting. 

    She graduated from Shanghai University of Engineering Science and joined iResearch Group in 2002. She was in charge of iResearch's research management and provided research and consulting services for customers in the internet industry. Lily has been fully responsible for the main products of iResearch and the management of professional research and consulting services since 2014. 

    In early 2018, she was appointed managing partner of iResearch Consulting. She cooperates with other partners and is responsible for iResearch Consulting's daily management, sales management, as well as the management of continuous operation innovation

    mail to:lily@ireaseach.com.cn
  • David Zhang | CIO of iResearch Consulting

    David Zhang, EMBA of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB), used to be Partner and President of Internet Business Unit of BAIFENDIAN Group, marketing VP of InnoFinger and About.com China (a website of New York Times). He is the founder and Managing Director of Heng-Dong Advertising.

    David has worked over 20 years in the internet industry. With more than a decade of experience in internet strategy, product strategy, marketing and operation and 5 years of experience in big data, David is good at industry insights and resources integration. He has unique insights in AI and big data application to facilitate the internet transformation of traditional enterprises. He used to lead a 300-member R&D team that developed nearly 20 products and established a complete product matrix. 

    In 2019, David Zhang was appointed by iResearch Group as CIO of iResearch Consulting. He is responsible for the IT, systems and related operation in the company and provides technical support for the development of iResearch. 

    mail to:davidzhang@iresearch.com.cn
  • James Fan | Partner of iResearch Consulting

    James Fan is a Bachelor of Laws from China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) and MBA from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). He is a co-founding partner of ALLPKU, chairperson of ALLPKU learning committee, VP of Dipont Education Group, an expert of internet start-up coaching and an investment expert. He is also an MBA interviewer and career instructor at several leading universities such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University and East China University of Science and Technology

    As a senior corporate management consulting expert, James has more than 10 years of experience in corporate management and consulting. He is good at business logic judgment, internet early-stage investment, internet start-up coaching, post-investment service management, human resource strategy management.

    James joined iResearch in 2015. He is in charge of management of functional departments including personnel, administration, legal affairs and others. and he has helped iResearch to establish iResearch Capital.

    mail to: jamesfan@iresearch.com.cn
  • Nelly Jin | Partner of iResearch Consulting, Director of iResearch Academy

    Nelly leads the research of iResearch Academy in the new economy sector, including media marketing, new retail, artificial intelligence (AI), education, finance, etc. Through professional and in-depth research and insights, she is dedicated to helping the enterprises, institutional investors, academic cycles and government to improve their understanding of the new economy and optimize decision-making. 

    At the same time, she is also in charge of iResearch North market research services, integrating big data and market research methods and dedicated to meeting the demand for intelligent operation of the enterprises in the new year.
    Dedicated to insights into the new economy industry for 17 years and with a research team made up of 200+ experts, iResearch Academy has released 3,000+ industry reports and carried out a large number of industry consulting and advisory projects. The reports, data, and views released by iResearch are widely quoted by domestic and overseas mainstream media, institutional investors, new economy companies, etc. Data from iResearch are quoted by nearly 90% of new economy companies during the IPO process and their post-listing financial reports. 

    mail to:nelly@iresearch.com.cn
  • Tiffany Yin | CMO of iResearch Consulting

    Tiffany is the CMO of iResearch Consulting. She was the General Manager of Experian Hitwise China and was responsible for the overall operations management of its China region.

    Tiffany has rich experience in integrated marketing communication and is expert at brand management. She focuses on the internet marketing industry. With perfect understanding and remarkable insights into brand building, online marketing, and internet product innovation, she has made outstanding contributions to brand building and shaping of iResearch.

    At the end of 2018, Tiffany was officially appointed as CMO by iResearch and was fully responsible for the management of brand building, marketing and public relations of iResearch Group.

    mail to: tiffany@iresearch.com.cn
  • Cara Lv | Vice President of iResearch Consulting

    Cara joined iResearch in 2009. She is the vice president of iResearch Consulting and is responsible for the northern businesses of iResearch Consulting. She mainly serves clients in the field of online marketing, and leads her team to consolidate and improve iResearch's influence and depth of services in the field of internet and content marketing.

    With 10 years of experience in the fields of Internet and digital marketing research in China, Cara has served more than 90% of listed Chinese Internet companies, and she is familiar with the business logic of Internet companies and the valuation logic of each stage. 

    Cara also has extensive experience of serving the advertisers' digital marketing. She uses integrated digital marketing monitoring methods to monitor the full marketing scenarios of advertisers, effectively helping advertisers to gain full media marketing insights and to optimize strategies.

    mail to:cara@iresearch.com.cn
  • Steven Wei|Vice President of iResearch Consulting

    Steven Wei joined iResearch Consulting in 2012. He was responsible for strategic cooperation with Adobe, a world-leading software vendor, and introduced Adobe Marketing Cloud as an industry solution. He is now in charge of customer development and services in the fields of new economy and traditional economy. 

    Steven Wei has more than 10 years of experience in the internet industry and is an expert in data analysis, industry research, digital marketing and related fields. Since 2007, he has been engaged in data analysis. He introduced a world-leading provider of enterprise data solutions in China, led the market development and achieved excessively high growth in China. 

    Relying on his expertise in data analysis and good judgment in development of the industry, he has served over 100 clients, who are leading players in finance, retail, technology, automobile, and other industries. 

    mail to:stevenwei@iresearch.com.cn