Mobile E-commerce Had Significant Growth in China in 2018

Source:iResearch March 04,20194:41 PM
In 2018, e-commerce industry showed fast development. Monthly unique devices where e-commerce apps were started reached the peak of 970 million units in Nov 2018, 1.12 times of the number in Nov 2017. Methods that lower the shopper acquisition cost, such as social e-commerce, new retailing and deep development in segment markets, served as the drivers of the continuous growth in e-commerce, and the penetration rate of the e-commerce industry fluctuates around 70%.

Social e-commerce experienced explosive increase in monthly unique devices with improvement in user stickiness.In 2018, many social e-commerce platforms boomed up, including group purchase platforms represented by Pinduoduo, experience sharing communities like Xiaohongshu. This led to the prosperity of social e-commerce in 2018. 2018 witnessed many other events in social e-commerce as well. The monthly unique devices of social e-commerce apps rocketed up from 187 million units in Dec 2017 to 317 million units in Dec 2018; Pinduoduo got listed; and social e-commerce platforms had admiring achievements regarding their ability to attract users’ attention compared with other e-commerce platforms.

Social e-commerce had good performance on Double 11 Shopping Festival of 2018 and its user stickiness ranked the second。

More details can be seen in 2018 China’s Internet Traffic Annual Report

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