Fitness Market Is Estimated to See Steady Growth in China in the Future

Source:iResearch April 24,20198:50 AM

Pain Points of Fitness Market

Traditional gym trainers attach great importance to their career development and their retention rate is low.According to the "2017 China National Professional Fitness Trainer Industry Report" issued by the General Administration of Sport of China, fitness trainers attach great importance to their future development, and most of them plan to open their own studios in the future, resulting in low retention rate of personal trainers in fitness clubs.
In third- and fourth-tier cities, the penetration rates are low and the consumers has not yet formed the habit.Gym is popular in first- and second-tier cities as consumers in such cities have stronger habit and need for fitness exercises. However, the number of white-collar workers are small in the second-tier cities and third- and fourth-tier cities, and the consumers' habit of fitness consumption has not formed.
The customer acquisition cost is high and the strong pressure sales  model is offensive.The traditional gyms’ annual fee system is under great influence and their customer acquisition cost is rising. To maintain business, their stronger pressure sales model offends more consumers, leading to vicious circle. According to the "2017 China Gym Survival White Paper", 91.3% of customers hate strong pressure sales the most. 
Health management is inefficient and data is difficult to retain.The daily operation of the traditional gyms requires a lot of human resources. The utilization rate of the gym equipment and the 坪效 of traditional gyms are low. and few gyms track the users' fitness data or give consumers timely fitness reminders or incentives.
Key factors leading to success in tech fitness market
The new gyms improve user experience and meet users’ need of posting pictures on social media. The new gyms and fitness equipment are trying to improve fitness efficiency and user experience. For the modern young people, going to the gym is not only a way to improve their physical situation, but also a way to social contacts  which requires attention from the new gyms. 

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