AI Basic Data Service Market Size Approximated 2.6 Bn Yuan in China in 2018

Source:iResearch September 24,20198:46 AM

Artificial intelligence (AI) basic data service market size totaled 2.586 billion Yuan in China in 2018, in which data source customized service accounted for 86.2%, data set products accounted for 12.9%, and other data source application services took up 0.9%. Compound annual growth rate of the whole market reached 23.5%. The market size is expected to break 11 billion by 2025. Seen from the growth, the AI basic data service sector has a steady development. and good development of the downstream of AI industry also will produce favorable environment for the sector

In 2018, AI basic data services mainly included voice, vision, natural language processing (NLP) and other data labeling services in China. But the companies providing data collecting and labeling service at the same time took a small share in the market for raw data were usually provided by demand side, which did not mean the weak data acquisition demand in the market but a great difficulty in the data acquisition. The providers can provide the related data acquisition tool and service were expected to have advantages in the market competition. The supply side were generally the self-built teams, outsourced service teams and suppliers directly gained by the companies, in which the suppliers were main supporting force and accounted for 79%.
By the business and the time when they entered the market, the players can be roughly divided into early-entry players, middle-and-late-entry players, the players focusing on vision business, the players focusing on voice business and the like. The players laying particular stress on voice data have more data sets with proprietary intellectual property and most of the players who have self-built labeling base or full-time data labeling teams are the players laying with particular stress on vision data. 

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