First Half of 2020 Marketing Strategies of Advertisers in China’s Education Industry

Source:iresearch November 03,20204:25 PM
External Drivers of Marketing: Receive Attention from Capital

The capital increased investment and enterprises urgently need effective marketing to gain attention.

Since 2014, China's education industry companies receive over tens of billions yuan of investment each year. The number of investment events has exceeded one hundred, and capital pays more and more attention to the education industry. and since 2016, while the number of annual investment events occasionally declined, the average amount of a single investment event has increased year by year from 51 million yuan to over 173 million yuan as of August 2020. Investors' selection of investment targets has become increasingly strict and the investment amount becomes larger and larger. Through investment or M&A, internet giants such as Tencent, ByteDance, and Baidu continuously strengthen their layouts in the K12, interests, skills, and job search and other areas in the education industry. As investors’ aggressive and cautious investment attitudes coexist,  spreading their service capabilities, technology, and resource allocation, etc., through effective marketing methods is an important way for education companies to gain the attention and recognition of capital.

Marketing Direction: Identify Marketing Methods

Internet user scale and usage time increase. Online channels become a marketing focus.

Education Apps are favored by users since they are convenient and have rich teaching resources. Influenced by the pandemic in 2020, the school holidays are extended. Multiple parties, including government and universities, jointly encourage and promote online learning. Users’ demand for online education surged again. The number of monthly independent devices and total usage time of education Apps increased a lot in the first half of 2020. Users' attention to online education channels and the increasing usage of the Internet by Chinese residents have promoted the online business and marketing activities of Chinese educational enterprises, attracting users' attention and enhancing conversion rate through marketing models preferred by Internet users.

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