2021 China’s Livestreaming e-Commerce Industry Report

Source:iResearch September 22,20216:46 PM

Growing Individual Livestreaming e-Commerce Users

Nearly 40% Chinese netizens are livestreaming e-commerce users and the proportion is still growing

As of the end of 2020, China had 617 million online livestreaming users, accounting for 62.4% of its total netizens.   The livestreaming e-commerce users reached 388 million, 123 million more than in March, accounting for 39.2% of the total Chinese netizens. 66.2% of users place orders after watching livestreaming e-commerce videos. As the number of Chinese netizens is further increasing, the consumers have a better understanding of the interactive, social, entertaining features of livestreaming. As products sold through livestreaming e-commerce are usually cheaper, trustier, and more intuitively introduced, users’ acceptance of online livestreaming and livestreaming e-commerce has been increasing. An growing share of netizens are livestreaming e-commerce users and they spend more and more time on livestreaming videos every day.

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