2022 HR Digitalization in China

Source:iResearch July 19,20226:15 PM

Human Resource Digitalization

Human resource digitalization plays an important role in enterprise digital transformation. It is a multi-level change from the outside to the inside and from the bottom to the top. Its core value is using data in human resource management to reshape management and business processes, Thereby enhancing enterprise management energy efficiency and optimizing employee work experience. In basic definition, the main body of human resource digitalization is the human resource department of the enterprise. In a narrow sense, it refers to digital transformation within the human resource department; In a broad sense, it refers to the integration of human resources business into the operation ecology of the enterprise, and the interaction and cooperation with the enterprise's digital transformation. In the implementation process, the digitalization of human resources often analyzes and predicts the underlying data through technologies such as cloud and AI to empower enterprise decision-making, and enhance employees' understanding of digitalization, thereby forming a cultural atmosphere of digital management.

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