2015 China's ACGN Mobile Gaming Report

Source:iResearchMarch 08,20169:02 AM Overview
China’s ACGN mobile gaming market burgeoned in 2014. It grew rapidly throughout 2015 at a rate of over 150% and gained 1.38 billion Yuan in revenue. The market will maintain strong growth momentum and continue to outgrow the overall mobile gaming market as (1) game developers gain richer experience and roll out more better-quality ACGN mobile games; (2) an integrated pan-entertainment ecosystem boosts the growth of the ACGN sector, and (3) ACGN user base expands and core players increase their purchasing power. 


Contents of 2015 China's ACGN Mobile Gaming Report of Full Version

1 Overview of ACGN Mobile Gaming Market in China

2 ACGN Mobile Games

3 Distribution Channels of ACGN Mobile Games

4 Operation of ACGN Mobile Games

5 ACGN Mobile Gaming Revenue and Future Trends
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