2016 China VR Industry Report

Source:iResearchMarch 18,20169:13 AM Overview According to the report released by vgchartz.com, the total sales volume of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is about 550,000 sets this year, while the global sales volume is about 24.18 million sets, reflecting small proportion of technological entertainment product users in China. 

Content of The Full Report

1.Definition and History of VR Industry
1.1 China’s VR Industry Chain
1.2 Comparison of VR/AR Theory
1.3 Core Value of VR Technology
1.4 Main Components of VR Devices
1.5 History of VR Industry

2. Market Environment of VR Industry

2.1 Analysis of Market Environment
2.1.1 Popularity of VR Devices in China
2.1.2 Future Market Scale of China’s VR Industry
2.1.3 Financing in China’s VR Industry
2.1.4 Prediction of VR Device Shipment and Users
2.1.5 Offline Experience Store Market
2.1.6 Content Production of China’s VR Platforms
2.1.7 Comparison of Domestic and Overseas VR Industry

2.2 Industry Chain Analysis
2.2.1 China’s VR Industry Chain
2.2.2 Typical VR Device Manufacturers
2.2.3 Comparison of Main Products
2.2.4 Typical VR App/Content Producers
2.2.5 Typical VR Solutions/Platforms
2.2.6 VR Industry Profit Models

3.Application Scenarios of VR Products
3.1 Gaming and Entertainment Scenarios
3.2 Life Service Scenarios
3.3 Business Service Scenarios
3.4 Application Scenario Classification and Development Trends
3.5 Analysis of Main Scenarios

4.VR Users’ Characteristics
4.1 People’s Initial Imagination of VR
4.2 Consumers’ Awareness of VR
4.3 Consumers’ Basic Demand for VR
4.4 Analysis of VR Game Players’ Preference
4.5 Analysis of VR Video Audiences’ Preference

5.Advantages, Disadvantages and Future Trends of VR Industry
5.1 Analysis of Development Driving Force
5.2 Analysis of Development Bottleneck
5.3 Development Trends of VR Devices
5.4 Development Trends of VR App

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