2018 China's Internet Industry Report (The Full Edition)

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2018 China’s Internet Industry Report is an annual comprehensive report released by iResearch Consulting Group. This report explained the three waves in development of China’s Internet industry and explored the reasons and influence of the fast development of Internet. Also, this report reflects on the past performances of new marketing, pan entertainment, new retailing, local style service, online travel, online education, new finance, cloud computation and artificial intelligence and looks forward to the future.

1. Part One: The Active Capital Market
1.1 The Large Capital Market
1.2 More Internet Companies and Technology-Based Companies Will Be Listed in China
1.3 Functional Independence Will Further Raise The Number Of Websites in China
1.4 China Capital Market May Face Pressure From Capacity Expanding in Future

2. Part Two: The Macro Economy of China
2.1 The Second Economic Booming After Economic Restructuring
2.2 Information Technology and Business Services Will Be Separated From Other Sectors
2.3 The Increasing Attention From Capital Market Resulted From The Fast Development of The Industry
2.4 The Compound Growth of Internet-Based Industries Is Much Higher Than That of Traditional Industries
2.5 The Main Driving Force of Internet Economy Development Is Users
2.6 Demographic Dividend Always and Will Always Exist on The Micro Level
2.7 Consensus Has Been Built Among Internet Operation Terminals
2.8 The Working Platform Will cast Significant Influence on PC Industry
2.9 To Decipher Code For New Mobile Internet Business Mode

3. Part Three: The Changing Internet Market Structure
3.1 Three Waves in China’s Internet Industry

New Marketing
3.2 New Stage of Online Marketing
3.3 Structure of Segmented Markets Changes Fast Due to Newly Emerged Forces
3.4 Native Advertising Has More Forms
3.5 News Feed Advertising is The Most Outstanding Market Segment
3.6 The Direction of Traffic Is More and More Fixed and Digital Marketing Enters Another Stage of Development

Pan Entertainment
3.7 The Economic Development Offered More Opportunities For Entertainment Development
3.8 Pan Entertainment Entered The Healthy Development Stage
3.9 The Various Entertainment Forms Complement Each Other And create Keywords Online Jointly
3.10 The General Structure Is Moving Towards “One Giant + Multiple Leading Companies” Pattern
3.11 The Matthew Effect in Pan Entertainment Industry Is Generally Significant
3.12 The Sectors Centered on IP Begin to Interpenetrate

New Retailing
3.13 Online Retailing Had Steady Growth
3.14 “Self-Service” Becomes The New Trend Leader In Retailing
3.15 Consumption Upgrading Resulted In Restructuring of Supply Chain
3.16 Online-Offline Integration Fueled Development of New Type of Business

Local Service O2O
3.17 The Market With GMV of More Than 100 Mn Yuan Grows Fast
3.18 Local Lifestyle O2O Market Segments Showed Significant Differences
3.19 Catering O2O Enjoyed Fast Development

Online Travel
3.20 Traffic Operation Has Entered Quality-Improving Stage
3.21 Online Vacation Grows Fast
3.22 New Fields That Is Expected To Have Huge Potential Emerged

Online Education
3.23 China’s Online Education Revenue
3.24 Structure of China’s Online Education Market
3.25 Users Of China’s Online Education
3.26 Monetization Was The Key Word of China’s Online Education Sector in 2017
3.27 Core Logic: Let Users Pay For Education Results

New Finance
3.28 It Is a Golden Age For Finance
3.29 Monopoly Becomes Increasingly Significant in Internet Finance
3.30 Beginning of Merging
3.31 Internet Credit Business Has Entered Brand-Based Development Stage
3.32 Favorable Environment For Mixed Credit Business
3.33 Coverage of Online Credit Extends
3.34 Online Credit Products Will Soon Be Released
3.35 Traffic, The Key Features of Internet, Remains Principal

3.36 Internal Challenge
3.37 Fierce Competition in The Market
3.38 The “Benefit For All” Feature of Online Wealth Management Is Weakening
3.39 The Government Is Inclined to Protect Cash Flow
3.40 Competition For Capital
3.41 Internal Revolution
3.42 Technology Continuously Stimulates Development of The Sector
3.43 The Changing Leader in The Market
3.44 The Final Mission of Internet Finance

Cloud Computing
3.45 Cloud Computing, AI and Big Data Are Supplementary to Each Other
3.46 China’s Cloud Service Industry Chain
3.47 Levels of Cloud Service Will Be More and More Blurred
3.48 Value of Data Will Be Increasingly Obvious

Artificial Intelligence
3.49 Artificial intelligence vs. Human Intelligence
3.50 Artificial Intelligence Industry Chain
3.51 Embedded Sensor System Accelerated The Smart Upshifting Of The Industry
3.52 Technology Supplier Will Continuously Improve The Business Supply Chain

4. Part Four: Future Trends of The Industry
4.1 Monopoly and New Taffic
4.2 Integration and Homogenization
4.3 Exploration and Breaking-Through

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