2018 China's Digital Music Consumption Report

Source:iResearchMarch 08,20181:55 PM Overview Seen from the global market, half of the revenue of recorded music comes from digital music, indicating that streaming media has become the major growth point of the overall revenue. Focusing on China’s music market, the production value of China’s digital music hit 52.9 billion Yuan in 2016, up 6.2% from a year earlier, taking up more than 75% of the production value of the core layer of China’s music industry. 

1. Status Quo of China’s Digital Music Sector
1.1 Entertainment Industry Has Entered Its Golden Stage and Fueled The Development of Music Industry
1.2 Global Music Industry Kept Growing, while China Music Industry Still Have a Great Room For Development
1.3 Digital Music Becomes The Most Important Development Driver of China’s Music Industry
1.4 Music Industry Chain in China
1.5 China Digital Music Improves Its Monetization Ability Due to The Development of Content Payment
1.6 Music Industry Broke Its Bottle Neck Due to Music Payments, Showing a Synergistic Benefit
1.7 Digital Albums With Larger Scale and Richer Products Became a Main Growth Point In The Digital Music Industry
1.8 Deeper Development in Fan Economy by Offering Better Fan Experience
1.9 “Music + Social” Mode Improved Users’ Interaction Level

2. Preference of Digital Music Consumers in China
2.1 Keywords in China Digital Music Sector
2.2 Reasons For Consumers to Pay For Digital Music in China
2.3 Behavior Preference Among Digital Music Consumers in China

3. Features of Digital Music Consumers in China
3.1 Portrait of Digital Music Consumers in China
3.2 Features of Digital Music Consumers in China
3.3 Life Style of Digital Music Consumers in China
3.4 Shopping Habit Among Digital Music Consumers in China

4. Future Trends & Outlook of Digital Music Sector in China
4.1 Incomplete Evolution
4.2 More Than Just Listening
4.3 Redefine IP
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