2018 China's Artificial Intelligence Report

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The industrial revolution brings automation to the craft industry, and machine learning automates the machine itself; The open source environment can significantly reduce the technical threshold of artificial intelligence; Visual perception gradually realizes its commercial value, and visual cognition remains to be developed


Table of Content of The Full Report

1 Artificial Intelligence Industry Overview
1.1 Definition of Artificial Intelligence Industry
1.2 Development Process of Artificial Intelligence
1.3 Main Technology of Artificial Intelligence
1.4 Technical Barriers to Artificial Intelligence
1.5 Policy Environment of Artificial Intelligence
1.6 Artificial Intelligence Investment and Financing as well as Patents in China and the United States
1.7 Artificial Intelligence Industry Graph

2 Analysis of Typical Technologies of Artificial Intelligence
2.1 Intelligent Speech Recognition
2.2 Knowledge Graph
2.3 Computer Vision
2.4 Intelligent Planning and Decision Making
2.5 Automatic driving
3 Application Scenarios of Artificial Intelligence
3.1 Financial Sector
3.2 Public Security Sector
3.3 Education Sector
3.4 Pan Information Processing Sector
3.5 Healthcare sector
3.6 Industrial Manufacturing Sector
3.7 Mobile Phone and Internet Entertainment Sector
3.8 Retailing Sector
3.9 Advertising and Marketing Sector
3.10 Transportation Sector
3.11 Smart Customer Service Sector
3.12 Smart Home Sector

4 Typical Cases of Artificial Intelligence
4.1 Xiaoice
4.2 Sougou
4.3 SenseTime
4.4 Cloudwalk
4.4 Malong Technologies
4.5 Moviebook 4.6 Yi+
4.7 Senscape
4.8 Mininglamp
4.9 Xiaoi
4.10 Turing Robot

5 The Future of Artificial Intelligence Industry

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