2017 Report on The Ever-Changing Retail Industry in China (The Full Edition)

Source:iResearchMay 17,20187:27 AM Overview
Consumption has evolved from national-focused consumption to family-focused consumption and currently has entered into an individual-focused consumption stage. This has been driven by an increase in personal income, the downsizing of households and a larger proportion of single people. Currently, consumers pay more attention to personal needs, with personalization and premiumization remaining as key drivers. 

Table of Contents of The Full Report

1. Introduction to iRessearch Consulting Group

2. Background of China’s Retail Industry Reform
2.1 Private Consumption Becomes More Important
2.2 Income Growth Drives Change
2.3 The Demographic Changes

3. Development of China Retail Industry
3.1 China Retail Channels
3.2 China Leads The Way of Online Retailing
3.3 Market Penetration of Online Retail
3.4 Scale of China Online Consumers
3.5 China Online Consumers’ Spending
3.6 China's Online Retail Infrastructure

4. Outlook of China Retail Industry and New Retail
4.1 China Online Retail Sector Change
4.2 Driving Force Changed
4.3 Drivers Changing
4.4 Change of Consumption Categories
4.5 Upgraded Supply Chain
4.6 Improved Shopping Experience
4.7 Paid Membership Is Widely Accepted
4.8 Consumer Finance Accelerated Its Growth
4.9 Upgrade of Marketing
4.10 Rationality of Online Retail Upgrade
4.11 The Creation of New Retail
4.12 China’s TOP10 Retailers Relationships With AT
4.13 China New Retail Landscape With AT
4.14 Meituan’s Moves in New Retail
4.15 Driving Force of New Retail
4.16 Format of New Retail — Development Direction
4.17 New Integrated Supermarkets — Hema
4.18 Social E-commerce -- Pinduoduo
4.19 New Direction of New Retail — Unmanned Retail
4.20 Differences Between Traditional and Unmanned Retail
4.21 Example of Unmanned Retailer — Tao Coffee
4.22 Unmanned Retail Company — JD Unmanned Supermarkets and CVS

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