2018 China's Online K12 Education Report

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During 2013-2016, the growth of China’s online K12 education market is always higher than 30% and the growth was even as high as 51.8% in 2017 when  the market size totaled 29.87 billion Yuan. Thus, 2017 was known as the first year for large-scale monetization of online K12 education. 

Table of Contents of The Full Report


1. Development Background: A Rising Star in The Market
1.1 Object of The Study
1.2 The Scarce Education Resources Led to a High Demand For after-Class Courses
1.3 The Large Population Base Gave Rise to a Long Lifecycle of Clients
1.4 K12 Offline After-Class Courses Market Is Waiting For Exploration
1.5 Online Businesses Started the Integration of K12 Education Sector
1.6 Online Businesses Started the Upgrading of K12 Education Sector
1.7 Policy Environment of Online K12 Education

2. Current Development Situation
2.1 Market Size and Growth of Online K12 Education
2.2 Map of Companies in Online K12 Education
2.3 Adult Education Institutions Entered K12 Market
2.4 Industry Chain of Online K12 Education
2.5 Business Mode of Online K12 Education
2.6 Financing Competition Gets Increasingly Fierce in Live Streaming
2.7 Companies Actively Promoted New Education Modes in Live Streaming
2.8 The Online Tools Are Transferring From Free Ones To Paid Tools
2.9 There Is Still a Long Way to Go For Online K12 Education

3. Case Study: Three Lessons From The Typical Cases
3.1 Strategic Reserve of Education Giant: Xueersi Online
3.2 Fruit of Two Online Tools: Yuanfudao
3.3 AI in K12: 171xue
3.4 Reshape Learning Experience: Yangcong345
3.5 V2.0 of Tutor O2O: Changing Edu
3.6 Deepened Scenario Exploration Based On Technology: Afanti
3.7 Lessons From The Typical Cases

4. Future Trends: Improvement of Learning Experience and Effect
4.1 User Structure Is Changing, The Participants Need to Refresh Their Concept
4.2 Further Segmentation in User Groups Is Expected
4.3 Competition Between Online Courses Live Streaming of Different Class-Sizes Will Be Clear
4.4 Improvement of Learning Experience and Effect Is The Key Issue to be Solved
4.5 Future K12 Online Education Will Have Several Giants Together

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