2018 China's Mobile NFC Payment Report

Source:iResearchJuly 20,20181:09 PM Overview
Data from iResearch present the transaction volume of China's mobile NFC payments totaled 4.89 billion Yuan in 2017. Meanwhile, the QoQ growth of this market during Q1 2017-Q1 2018 showed that the  transaction volume was accelerating its growth. iResearch estimated that China's mobile NFC payment will keep its fast growth and attain 2.94 billion Yuan in Q1 2018 

Table of Contents of The Full Report


1 General Picture of Mobile NFC Payment Industry in China
1.1 Mobile Payment Entered The Consumption Era
1.2 Logic of Offline Payment Has Never Changed in The Past Years
1.3 Development of NFC Payment
1.4 Fast Increase of POS Machine on The Network
1.5 Fast Growth of NFC Mobile Phone’s Market Share
1.6 Transactions of Mobile NFC Payment
1.7 Mobile NFC Payment Industry Chain
1.8 Learn From Others: Japan NFC Market
1.9 Summary

2 Survey of China’s Mobile NFC Payment Users
2.1 Mobile NFC Payment Is Mostly Used in Supermarkets
2.2 Knowledge Access to Mobile NFC and Code Scan Payment Among Users
2.3 Perception of NFC and Code Scan Payment Notices From Stores Among Users
2.4 Users’ Satisfaction Level
2.5 Mobile NFC Payment Enjoys Higher Recommendation Level Among Users
2.6 Reasons For Discontentment Among Code Scan Payment Users

3 Typical Mobile NFC Payment Service Providers in China
3.1 JD QuickPay Improved Market Layout
3.2 JD QuickPay: Pioneer in Mobile NFC Payment

4 Future Trends of Mobile NFC Payment in China
4.1 Public Transportation Will Be an Important Battlefield For Mobile Payment
4.2 Many Brands Will Jointly Contribute to The Popularization of Mobile NFC Payment

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