2019 Report on Industrial Internet C2M E-commerce of China’s Manufacturing Industry (The Full Report)

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C2M e-commerce model has the largest influence on the change of the upstream. It increases the added value of manufacturers from both the brand and the channel. The direct connection between e-commerce and factory has 3 modes. 1 Self-operated F2C e-commerce, such as NetEase YEATION, Taobao Xinxuan, JD Jingzao. 2 F2C e-commerce platforms such as Pinduoduo factory stores. 

Table of Contents of The Full Report (39 Pages)


Description of The Research

1. Consumption Upgrade: Focus on Quality, Price - Performance Ratio and Personalization
1.1 Quality:The continuous improvement of the residents' income level directly stimulates the increase in quality demand.
1.2 Price-performance ratio: Domestic consumer market, especially the first and second-tier cities have entered the period of debranding.
1.3 Personalization:The post-80s and post-90s gradually become themain consumers and are leading the trend of personalization. The demand for niche customization is also increasing.

2.Factories “Connect The Internet”: Industry Chain Pain Points Drive Transformation
2.1 Difficulty 1:Low profit margin
2.2 Difficulty 2:Excessiveinventory
2.3 Difficulty 3:The rise of processing factories in manufacturing industry in Southeast Asia
2.4 Difficulty 4 : Demand For Flexible Supply Chain Transformation

3.Industrial Internet C2M E-commerce Empowers Manufacturers
3.1 The models that e-commerce empower upstream manufacturers
3.2 The value of the C2M e-commerce model of manufacturing industrial internet
3.3 Big data contributes to intelligence upgrade of the upstream manufacturers
3.4 Consumer portrait
3.5 Industry scale andprediction

4. Case Study
4.1 Overview
4.2 Biyao
4.3 NetEaseYEATION
4.4 PinduoduoFactory Store

5.1 Affected by the high costs and aesthetical difference, personal customization will be dominated by manufacturers in the short term
5.2 Industry internet C2Mwill promote transformationand upgrade of the manufacturing industry in China
5.2.1 In the context of industry reshuffle, manufacturers with capacity for flexible production and their own brands are more competitive
5.2.2 C2Maccelerates the transformation towards flexible production in the manufacturing industry in china and the reflow of orders
5.3 Under the trend of cost-effective economy, e-commerce platforms will have to compete with traditional brands

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