2020 China’s E-commerce Livestreaming Ecology Report

Source:iResearchAugust 24,20202:03 PM Overview

E-commerce livestreaming is cooperative game. Live shopping can integrate advantages such as professional selection, intuitive display, and real-time interaction, which can reduce circulation costs, save the cost of information communication, greatly improve the purchase conversion rate and benefit all parties in the industry chain. Meanwhile,  many subsidiary forms and participants have been derived and developed. In addition to traditional brands and livestreaming platforms (including content platforms and trading platforms),some emerging brands, live commerce streamers, e-commerce MCN institutions and third-party streaming service provider, etc. are also seizing the opportunity for rapid development. In addition, people, goods, scenarios, and forms in livestreaming are also more diverse.

The increment and opportunities brought by E-commerce livestreaming can mainly improve efficiency and reduce costs for the industry chain and bring new opportunities for participants. The types of participants that have more benefit opportunities are the head platforms, the emerging brands that can seize the E-commerce livestreaming dividend period and have great supply chain capability, and the mature head MCN institutions and third-party service providers. Besides, the pandemic brings more demand for business livestreaming. The B2B E-commerce livestreaming is in a new round of explosive development.

Drivers of E-commerce Livestreaming—Brand Owner/Merchants

The growth of advertising investment slows down, and brand owners want high ratio of effectiveness to investment.

Affected by the slowdown in economic growth, the growth of the brands’ main performance is under pressure. In 2019, the growth of Chinese consumer brands' advertising and promotion investment has slowed significantly, with a year-on-year growth rate of only 7.2%. In this situation, the brand owners attach more importance to the marketing effect of integrated products and effects. The advertising budget structure also changed from focusing on traditional media advertising methods to emerging marketing forms such as short video/livestreaming.


Appeared in 2016, E-commerce livestreaming has been in explosive development period since 2019. Its GMV in 2019 was 451.29 billion yuan, increasing by 200.4% YoY and accounting for 4.5% of the overall online shopping scale. With a huge room for growth, it is expected to maintain a high growth rate in the next few years.

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