2021 Information Technology Application Innovation in China

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ITAI Market Structure 

The reconstruction of IT standards leads to changes in the industry chain, and ITAI will advance to industries

From the perspective of industry development, with the advancement from ITAI construction to industry ITAI, more and more vendors will get involved. The current players in the market are striving to enhance compatibility and build their own ecology. ITAI will remake IT standards. The new standards provide new opportunities for vendors in the IT market and will probably lead to the reconstruction of the industry chain and market reshuffle. In the short term, taking the ITAI opportunity, the market will be booming and full of vitality. In the long term, the industry will become increasingly mature and concentrated.

Industry Practice

Difficulties in the supply side are mainly in the areas of technologies in downstream, adaptation in upstream and the overall ecological construction

Building a new ecosystem based on China's independent IT architecture requires joint efforts of upstream and downstream vendors. Upstream basic software and hardware vendors need to improve their technologies and their products are not mature. Meanwhile, too many technical routes result in scattered industry power and overall low technology level. For downstream application software and service providers, the diversity of basic software and hardware makes compatibility and adaptation harder. In addition, the performance degradation to some extent in the ITAI environment adds problems to the innovation of professional software and complex software.


ITAI contributes to the rise of Chinese domestic software and hardware and the reconstruction of IT industry structure

The construction of ITAI is a long-term plan for promoting China's information technology industry. In the early stage, ITAI is mainly driven by policy incentives and provides Chinese IT vendors with a favorable development environment. Thanks to efforts of the whole society, China's information technology industry is booming with features such as the integration of application, technological innovation and lots of talents. The market is more vigorous than ever. With market opportunities brought by favorable policies, vendors of the whole industry chain join hands to promote the rise of China's basic software and hardware and the reconstruction of industry ecology based on China's own IT standard. In the future, China will enter the global market and achieve a new round of innovation and development.


Similar to the ‘863 Program’ and the ‘973 Program’, information technology application innovation (ITAI) is also a long-term strategy for the development and upgrading of China’s IT industry. ITAI construction starts from the independent innovation of core components in key links. The pilot zones involve the Party, government, military and key industries that are important to the economy and people's lives, which provides Chinese IT vendors with favorable conditions for innovation, thereby gradually establishing independent IT underlying architecture and standards and achieving the optimization and upgrading of the strength and structure of the entire IT industry chain.

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