2022 Development Trends in China Enterprise Livestreaming Industry

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Industry overview and case study

•The enterprise customers are from many industries, and they integrate online development and private traffic operation into their businesses. Mid-sized enterprise customers account for the largest share. Most enterprises have been using livestreaming services for a long time. The service matrix of head service providers is prominent. For example, VZAN focuses on WeChat ecology and builds a new system of livestreaming traffic in an all-round way; The integration of core technologies empowers value enhancement of enterprises.

Development trends in the enterprise livestreaming industry in China

•Development of enterprise livestreaming industry chain: At present, the upstream and midstream of the enterprise livestreaming market are working together to build a SaaS ecosystem. Standardization of SaaS, personalized requirements of PaaS and aPaaS promote industry interconnection
•Advancement of private traffic marketing——refined management: The midstream of livestreaming will emphasize refined management and achieve “deep interaction + deep awareness” in the dimensions of marketing activities and technology.
•Targeted solutions for different scenarios: Besides creating standardized operation services, provide personalized solutions for industry problems based on the differences in industry scenarios,
•More professional customers and more differentiated demands. As enterprise customers have an increasingly clear perception of livestreaming, they are going to pay more attention to deep binding capabilities

•Value of immersive metaverse livestreaming: The increased application of virtual livestreaming technology contributes to the expansion of enterprise livestreaming models. In the future, the metaverse will lead livestreaming into the virtual world

Enterprise Livestreaming Market Environment

The fast-growing digital economy creates a favorable environment for the enterprise livestreaming industry. Thanks to policy support, industries related to the digital economy have been developing rapidly and the digital economy in China reached 3.92 billion yuan in 2020. The growth rate of the digital economy has been higher than that of GDP for years, and it was three times higher than the latter in 2020. With livestreaming tools, enterprise customers can retain and analyze data of users, which can help their digital transformation. As the digital economy is booming, enterprises are under the pressure of digital transformation. Enterprise livestreaming service providers gain development opportunities by helping companies achieve digital transformation and embrace the digital economy.

Hot Topics in the Enterprise Livestreaming Industry 

Enterprise customers' increasingly high requirement for livestreaming products forces enterprise livestreaming service providers to provide more targeted products, more detailed whole-process services and constantly upgrading technologies. In terms of products, enterprise customers attach more importance to the deep combination between livestreaming and its businesses and have a rising demand for more vertical industry/scenario solutions. In terms of services, service providers have started to provide more personalized value-added services, covering both the front and back ends of livestreaming activities. As to technology, some companies in the industry are actively exploring technologies that can enhance livestreaming experience and interactivity. The industry has entered a period of deep development.

Enterprise Livestreaming Industry Map

Overview of the Enterprise Livestreaming Industry

Among all the enterprise customers of livestreaming, large enterprises with over 5000 employees account for 13.7%, and mid-waist enterprises with 101-500 and 501-1000 employees both account for 23.5%. The decentralized distribution of enterprise customers reflects different needs and put forward higher demands on enterprise livestreaming service providers. Enterprise customers that started using enterprise livestreaming services before 2020 (before the outbreak of Covid-19) account for 39.2%. 45.1% of the enterprise users started in 2020 because of the pandemic, leading to the explosive growth of the industry in 2020. After years of development, the industry has entered a deep development period. Whether the service providers can provide customized products and services for enterprises that vary in size and understanding of livestreaming will play a critical role in further differentiation of the industry.

Trend: Advancement of Private Traffic Marketing —Refined Management

With disappearing traffic dividends and the arrival of the stock era, the disadvantages of public traffic are increasingly obvious in recent years. Problems such as high promotion costs and difficulty in customer acquisition, brand marketing and user precipitation result in rising traffic costs. Private domain traffic has been a marketing hot topic in recent years. Different from public traffic, it can easily establish brand loyalty, facilitate social fission and secondary communication, create user portraits to build enterprise digital assets, and its cost is low. The high accuracy of private traffic groups can maximize user value, which can reduce corporate marketing costs and improve operation efficiency. Thereby, it is the core for the future development of enterprises.

Trend: Targeted Solutions for Segmented Scenarios

Enterprise livestreaming service providers have been providing customers relying on their high-quality products and rich industry experience in recent years. They focus on livestreaming scenarios. Before livestreaming, they collect data and carry out a full range of event planning and promotion services to highlight brand value. During livestreaming, they activate data, offer dedicated team for full-cycle operation services, and provide training according enterprises' livestreaming situation to make enterprise operations more simple and more convenient. After livestreaming, by studying user trajectories and analyzing data, the data backend can present user portraits and paths to help enterprises to acquire customers accurately. The full-chain services covering livestreaming tools, planning, execution, and operation will play an important role when enterprises are choosing service providers.

Trend: More Professional Customers and Differentiated Demands 

Leading enterprise livestreaming service providers have similar basic functions. However, with enterprise customers' growing perception of service capabilities, the competition between service providers is increasingly fierce. Surveys show that besides the well-known traditional customer acquisition channels such as search engine advertising and social entertainment platform advertising, friends' recommendation, WeChat and other channels that need customers to be more proactive gradually become important channels to learn about livestreaming platforms. In this context, merely relying on products, services and technical capabilities to build enterprises' core competitiveness is no longer enough. It is increasingly important for service providers to build brand images, operate enterprises' private traffic, and form customer accumulation ability.

Table of Contents of the Full Report


1. Market: Overview of the Development Status of the Enterprise Livestreaming Market

1) Analysis of Enterprise Livestreaming Market Environment

2) Enterprise Livestreaming Scenario Coverage

3) Enterprise Livestreaming Industry Hot Topics

4) Enterprise Livestreaming Market Size

5) Enterprise Livestreaming Industry Map

6) Enterprise Livestreaming Industry Structure

7) Enterprise Livestreaming Industry Echelon

2. Industry: Overview and Typical Cases of the Enterprise Livestreaming Industry

1) Overview of the Enterprise Livestreaming Industry

2) Case Study- VZAN

3) Case Study-Baijiayun

3. Development Trends in the Enterprise Livestreaming Industry

1) Integrated Development of the Enterprise Livestreaming Industry Chain
2) Advancement of Private Traffic Marketing—Refined Management
3) Targeted Solutions for Segmented Scenarios
4) More Professional Customers and Differentiated Demands
5) Value Release of Immersive Metaverse Livestreaming


Status quo of the enterprise livestreaming market in China.
Environment analysis: After the black swan event, in the context of digitalization and driven by both technology development and market demand, the enterprises livestreaming market is now steadily growing and its size has reached 4.3 billion yuan.
Hot topics: Enterprise customers’ increasingly high requirement for the quality of livestreaming products drives enterprise livestreaming service providers to provide more targeted livestreaming products, more detailed whole-process services and technical capabilities for constant upgrading and iteration.
The boundary of enterprises livestreaming is further expanded, and the product, service and technology capabilities are enhanced.

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